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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Plains,

New South Wales
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Galathra - Run belonging to W.C. Wentworth at Liverpool Plains

Galgabba - Aboriginal name for an area at Pelican's Flat. Residence of Thomas Boyd in 1880

Gallagher's Mountain - near Turanville

Gammon's Plains - Co. of Brisbane 150 miles from Sydney. Near the township of Merriwa. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Gaol Hill - Newcastle. Site of the Old Gaol. Situated at the beach end of Scott Street Later a tram depot.

Garden Suburb - Gordon Avenue area of Hamilton

Garden Suburb - North of Stockton. Also known as Corroba

Garawantara - any plain, a flat

Garewagal - native land/people on sea coast and Hunter River

Garland Valley - Singleton district

Garrangola - (Goorangoola) a creek in Co. Durham. Branch of Fallbrook

Gearywah - Manning River aboriginal meaning the iguana. Black Head the seaside resort

Gee's Crossing - near Ravensworth

Genena Hill - early name for Violet Hill at Myall Lakes

George The Barber's Stockyard - Grazing run on the Namoi belonging to Sir John Jamison

Georgetown - Originally called Geordie Town. Suburb of Newcastle named after George Moate who acquired land in the area in 1853. Adjacent to Hanbury (Waratah)

Geraldine Cottage - Singleton - Built in 1847 and once served as the Anglican school and parsonage

Giant Creek- a creek in Co. Brisbane; it flows into the river Goulburn

Giant's Leap - high country above Giant Creek (Dangar's Map)

Gibbagunyah Creek (aboriginal meaning house built of stone, shallow cave). West of Scone

Gibbers, The - A headland on the coast opposite Broughton Island

Gilcoobil - (Kickerbill)- station of A and J. Blaxland in district of Liverpool Plains

Gilgandra - Kamilaroi aboriginal name Geelganderra meaning youth who had gone through the third bora ceremony

Gillieston - After John Gillies, Mayor of West Maitland 1888

Gineroi - district of Liverpool Plains on the Gwyder river. 280 miles from Maitland; Galley's station

Gingamboon (Kingimbon) Hunter River

Ginger - Run at Liverpool Plains taken up by Nelson Simmons Lawson

Ghingi - mountains

Giant Creek - Flows into Sandy Hollow

Gircobill - situated in district of Liverpool Plains, 22 miles from Gammon Plains

Girriwillie (Garrawilla) - Namoi River. Squattage of Charles Purcell, son of John Purcell, one time Commandant at Newcastle

Glandville - another name for Ash Island

Glebe Farm - Newcastle, Peter Flemming

Glebe Cottage - West Maitland 1844 Glebeland - Co. Northumberland, a village 2 miles from Adamstown - Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Glenalbion Estate - Situated on the Paterson River

Glenarm Estate - Williams River four miles from Seaham. Estate of Mr. Clode 1857

Glencairn - Upper Hunter Valley. Also known as Cressfield, the estate of Archibald Little

Glendon - Co. Durham on Glendon Brook near Singleton. Named by Robert and Helenus Scott after their home in Scotland

Glendon Brook - Co. Durham. The Brook is a fine stream rising in the Mount Royal Ranges flowing into the Hunter River between Maitland and Singelton - Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Glendor - Farm of John Thomas on the swamps near Wallsend

Glendon Farm - Farm of W.B. Fenwick near Newcastle in 1840s

Glenhunt - Estate adjoining Ravensworth owned by Bourn Russell

Glenlivit Estate - Williams River. 1500 acres. One mile from Clarencetown

Glenoak - Co. Northumberland 9 miles from Morpeth. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Glen Mitchell - name given to Quigley Estate, Lake Macquarie

Glennies Creek - After James Glennie, early settler

Glenridding - situated in Co. Durham on Hunter river near Maitland. Grant to John Earl

Glenrock - property belonging to Alexander Campbell at Barrington Tops

Glenrock Lagoon - south of Newcastle. Also known as Valley of the Palms. Later Burwood. Nearby as Wahrah on Dangar's 1828 map

Glenrose - Farm of Rev. George Augustus Middleton - Paterson

Glenview Farm - 4 miles from Raymond Terrace

Glen William - Co. Durham - postal village on the Williams River 5 miles from Clarencetown. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Gloucester - After the Cathedral city in England - River and County in NSW

Glupton - Co. Brisbane, township 232 miles N. of Sydney. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Gnoolooma - run belonging to Joseph Pearse at Liverpool Plains

Goat Hill - Pittown area of Wallsend

Goat Island - (native name Memel) an island situated at the mouth of the Parramatta River in the harbor of Port Jackson

Goat Island - small island in the Hunter now part of Kooragang

Goat Island - in Lake Macquarie

Gola - Kamilaroi aboriginal name for Overton estate

Goloyauwe - a point of land on the south side of the Lake

Goo-a-rinda - Grazing run of George Thomas and Andrew Loder at Quirindi Creek

Goodar - Run at Liverpool Plains taken up by James Marks

Goonal - district of Liverpool Plains on Waterloo creek; Thomas Brown's station

Goonda Point - at Wangi - Aboriginal word meaning fire or star

Goonoo-goonoo - Co. Parry. 360,000 acres selected and settled in 1834 on a river later known as the Peel. The settlement became the foundation of the city of Tamworth. District of Liverpool Plains on the Goonoo-Goonoo Creek near the Peel River being a gold mining district on that river. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Goonoo Goonoo Creek - a southern tributary of the Peel River rising near the township of Goonoo-Goonoo and flowing into the Peel at Tamworth. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Goonou - a river in district of Liverpool Plains. Branch of the Peel river

Goora - On the peel river in the district of Liverpool Plains

Goorable - in the district of Liverpool Plains on the Gwyder River 300 miles from Maitland. Station of Andrew Blake.

Goorangoola - (also Garrangola). Co. Durham. A bend in the creek. (aboriginal meaning). Estate owned by Robert Dawson

Goorangoola Creek - a small tributary of the Falbrook fed by the Campbell's Creek. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Gorian - Run belonging to Joseph Pearse at Liverpool Plains

Gorriagilla - run at Liverpool Plains taken up by John McDonald

Gorroinba - the female emu place

Gosford - Co. Northumberland. Situated on an inlet of the sea from Broken Bay calld the Broadwater. Tuggerah Lake lied 9 miles north. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Gosforth - Parish in Co. Northumberland bounded on the N. by Hunter River; W by Branxton and Allandale; S by Heddon and E. by Maitland

Gostwyck - Estate of Edward Cory at Paterson River.

Goulburn Grove - Estate of Standish Lawrence Harris. Situated Co. Durham at the junction of the Hunter and Paterson Rivers. Known as Trafalgar in 1848

Goulburn River - discovered by Lawson and Scott in 1822 in their endeavour to reach the Liverpool Plains. They named the river after Major Goulburn, the Colonial Secretary.

Gouldsville - Singelton district

Government Garden - Pacific St. Newcastle near intersection of Reid lane area overlooking the Newcastle surf club pavilion.

Gowrie - Singleton district

Grassy Haugh Estate - Henry Fisher, Black Creek

Grass Tree - Co. Durham. Muswellbrook district. 173 miles from Sydney

Gravel Pits - Teralba; Freshwater Creek

Gravesend - Cattle Station near Warialda, Gwydir District (1888)

Great Lodge - Estate of Richard Hobden - Hunter River

Green Hill - name given to by Lieut. Shortland to Raymond Terrace

Green Hill Farm - Farm belonging to David Davis at Wollombi

Green Hills - Estate of Edward Close. Later known as Morpeth.

Greenaway's Creek - near Raymond Terrace

Greenland Farm - Estate of Greenway family 1828

Green Wattle Estate - 1280 acres 4 miles from Hinton 1843.

Greenwood Estate - Situated near Singleton on the South West side of the Maitland to Singleton Road. Estate of G.H. Green

Greigs Creek - Named for Robert or his cousin James Greig - A creek situated in the county of Hunter also known as Burreen Creek. Flows into the Hunter River.

Gresford - Co. Durham. After a town on River Allyn, near Chester England. Situated on the Paterson river 1 1/2 miles from the Allyn River. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Greta - village situated in Co. Northumberland on Black creek between Maitland and Singleton. 11 miles W. of Maitland

Greville Island - Island in the Hunter River named after Charles Francis Greville by Ensign Barrallier. Also known as Ash Island. (see Barralliers 1801 map)

Grey's Creek. Co. Hunter. A southern tributary of the River Hunter. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Grossman House - located at Maitland - one of two mirror image, Victorian Regency properties, built side by side on the same lot in 1870-71 for the prosperous business partners, Isaac Beckett and Samuel Owen.

Grove Cottage - Allyn River. Residence of Hopson and Miles

Grovetown - early name for Waratah Guangua Creek - Co. Brisbane, an eastern tributary of Wybong Creek.

Gully Line - name given to a railway line owned by Caledonian Collieries. Ran from Charlestown gully and crossed Lambton Rd at Broadmeadow. Original name Raspberry Gully

Gulong Mount - Co. Northumberland - a high peak in the Hunter Range in the parish of Blaxland and to the SW of Wollombi township. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Guluthrea - district of Liverpool Plains 138 miles from Murrurundi. Squattage of W.C. Wentworth

Gummum - a creek situated in Co. Brisbane. Empties into the Goulburn river.

Gummum Plains - Merriwa district. Watered by Merriwa creek

Gum Tree Hole - Singleton district

Gunady - District of Liverpool Plains on the Mooki river 68 miles from Murrurundi; J. Johnston's station

Gunadaddy - district of Liverpool Plains on Gunnunderry creek at Mallalay Plains. Station of A. Denison

Gunandelly - district of Liverpool Plains on the river Mooki. Allen's station

Guangua Creek - Co. Brisbane. Flows into Wybong Creek

Gundamine - district of Liverpool Plains on the Namoi River 130 miles from Murrurundi. Station of Campbell and Ryan.

Gunderman - a creek situated in Co. Northumberland; flows into the Hawkesbury river.

Gundibri - on Gungal or Hall's Creek near Merton. A grant to Rev. John Dunmore Lang. Later owned by George Hall

Gundy - (Gunda) A camp (aboriginal meaning). Situated Co. Brisbane on the Page's River

Gundy Gundy - A parish in Co. Brisbane bounded on the S. by Macqueen; E. by Pages River

Gunerai - Run belonging to George Gally then James King at Liverpool Plains

Gungal - situated in Hall's creek in the county of Brisbane. Aboriginal meaning Bullrushes

Gungalla. As above. Aboriginal meaning rushes.

Gunnedah - (aboriginal - Goono dha) meaning a poor or destitute man. Namoi River. Alternative meaning Many white stones.

Gunygudah - a creek in district of Liverpool Plains. On this stream is the station of George Bowman situated 100 miles from Murrurundi.

Gurby - District of Liverpool Plains at Waterloo Plains 165 miles from Murrurundi. Station of the Bank of Australasia

Gurranba - a place of brambles

Guygallon Estate - Owned by James Webber - Paterson River

Gwandalan - Lake Macquarie; (aboriginal meaning haven of rest, quiet and peaceful waters)

Gwydir (or Kindur); a river in the district of Liverpool Plains. (aboriginal Gu-i-da meaning place of red (banks)

Gwydir - district of Liverpool Plains on the Gwydir river 30 miles from Armidale. James Hale's station

Gyarran - Kamilaroi aboriginal for Muscle Creek