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Henry George Lewis


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Henry George Lewis

Medical Practitioner


Henry George Lewis was residing in Morpeth as early as 1836. He was witness at the trial of John Clifford in that year. [1]

Medical Duties

In 1838 he was called on to perform a post mortem on a deceased soldier of the 28th Regiment Michael Ready. He testified at the inquest the following day. His evidence encouraged the jury to find Lestil not guilty of the murder of Ready. [2]

His professional ability came into question in August 1838 when the wife of an Highland immigrant died giving birth. After a harrowing few days of accusations by the woman's family, he was acquitted of neglect of duty and malpractice after her body was dis-interred and examined by the coroner. [3]


Henry Lewis died on 5th January 1841 aged 28 and was buried at St. Peters Cemetery, East Maitland. [4]

The Sydney Monitor reported his death - Dr. Lewis an old and respected Surgeon, practising at Morpeth was on Friday morning last found dead in his bed. He had previously complained of indisposition, but not so much as to lead to a fear of so fatal a result.

An inquest found that he had died by the 'visitation of God'.

Notes and Links

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