Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Ebenezer Johnston R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 17 April 1818

Naval History

Ebenezer Johnston was appointed to the position of Assistant Surgeon on 9 November 1812. He was appointed Surgeon to the Mersey in 1818 [3]

Knight of the Tower and Sword

In 1825 having served on HMS Lively, the Knight of the Royal Portuguese Military Order of the Tower and Sword (KTS) was conferred on him

Surgeon Ebenezer Johnston of the Lively granted Royal License Bulletins and Other State Intelligence[1]


Ebenezer Johnston was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on three convict ship voyages to Australia:

1). William Miles to Van Diemen's Land in 1828

2). Manlius to Van Diemen's Land in 1830

3). Captain Cook to New South Wales in 1832.


Ebenezer Johnston died on 10 May 1849 at Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire. [2]


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