Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Duncan Sinclair

Map 10

The Hobart Town Gazette reported the arrival of Duncan Sinclair and Peter Sinclair on the Wellington in 1822.....Arrived on Sunday last from England, the brig Wellington, Captain Joseph Bryant, with merchandize. This vessel left England in May, and having sprung a leak at sea, put into Corunna to repair, where she remained two months. Passengers, Captain Eber Bunker (part owner), Mr. Harris Walker (late Commander of the Maria transport), Mr. John Henderson, Mr. Frederick Maye, Mr. Duncan Sinclair, Mr. Peter Sinclair, Mr. Simon Lake, Mr. George Mitchinson and Mr. William Cluer.

Land Grant

In New South Wales Duncan and Peter Sinclair applied for land grants. In an order dated 29th January 1823 Peter Sinclair was granted 1000 acres of land and assigned four convict servants and Duncan Sinclair was granted 800 acres and three convict servants.

They were given permission to proceed to Newcastle on the Mariner in February. Others making the voyage on the same day included Alexander Shand with four assigned servants, John Cheers, John Hickey, George Brown, Alexander Dickson and James McGillvray.

Early Hunter Valley Settler Map 10

Duncan Sinclair selected his land on the Williams River. (see map above)

Land Relinquished

In December 1824 the effects of Duncan Sinclair were ordered to be sold in lieu of cattle allotted to him by Government. His wife Ann applied to have her husband's grant of land cancelled in consequence of his being insane; she requested another made out in favour of such persons as the Governor may think proper in trust for the Petitioner, her husband and family.

Duncan Sinclair died intestate in 1841 [1]


[1] Sydney Monitor 22 November 1841