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Cyrus Matthew Doyle

Lucan Park - Map 6

Cyrus Matthew Doyle was born on 27 November 1793 at Palmerston, near Dublin, the eldest son of Andrew Doyle and Sophia Isabella, nee Norris. Andrew Doyle was convicted of forgery in Ireland and sentenced to transportation for life. He arrived in Sydney in May 1803 in the Rolla; Sophia and their three eldest children, including Cyrus, came in the same ship as free immigrants. [1]

Hawkesbury River

Cyrus Doyle married Frances Biggers in 1814. They resided on the Hawkesbury river where they intended to raise their young family however Frances Doyle died on 19th July 1827 from a severe and protracted indisposition, the after effects of catarrh.

One year after the death of Frances Doyle, Cyrus married Elizabeth Maria McDougall.

Thomas Parmenter (De Quirosville) described Doyle house on the Hawkesbury in Times Gone By in 1829....How beautiful is the silent silver stream winding along before you come to Mr. Churchill's romantically sited house, where I have taken many an hospitable couch and jug; and opposite, I recollect well the beginning of a large mansion by Mr. Cyrus Doyle, and riding over, like a gallant knight to see after the health of the young ladies at Ulitendenburra Lodge, (?Ulinbawn) and charming and enchanting is its situation. Only imagine lofty rocks, with deep chasms frightful to gaze upon, stunted trees and the sportive river, stealing ever and anon upon your bewildered sight. [3]

Land Grants

By the 1830's he had acquired holdings in the Hunter region including Lucan Park which was a grant of 360 acres in 1825. Another 500 acres was reserved for purchase.
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Grant of land to Cyrus Matthew Doyle - Sydney Gazette 11 November 1837

Midlorn Maitland

By the 1830's Cyrus and Elizabeth Doyle resided at Midlorn, Maitland. He was appointed Magistrate in 1837, a position he held for many years.

On October 5, 1852 he was a member of the jury at the Maitland Quarter Sessions. Other members of the jury that day included the Chairman Major Crummer, Edward Denny Day, Andrew Lang, Peter Green and Bourn Russell. One of the cases the court heard was that of Lin Sam who was indicted for an assault on Cyrus Doyle with intent to stab and wound him. Witnesses were Cyrus Doyle himself, William Purcell and Sebastian Carl, a German who required Rev. Eipper to interpret. Lin Sam was a Chinaman in the employ of Mr. Doyle as general servant and when he was reprimanded by Doyle became very excited and refused to do further work. He then struck Doyle several times and then grabbed a butcher's knife and ran after Doyle almost stabbing him as Doyle ran for his life through a wicket gate in the fence, the blade coming to within an inch of Doyle's shoulder before he reached his blunderbuss and held the Chinaman off. Lin was sentenced to two years on the roads. [2]


Cyrus Matthew Doyle died at Mid Lorn Maitland aged 62 on 16 March 1855.

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