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Convict Ships - Index - M

Ships departed from Ports in England unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Ships in Red also carried female convicts
(I) Ships in Green departed from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard Notes
Maitland 1840 George Baker Philip Toms 96th regt., NSW
Maitland 1844 G. Thompson Allan McLaren 51st regt., Norfolk Is
Malabar 1819 William Ascough Evan Evans 89th regt., NSW
Mangles 1820 John Coghill Matthew Anderson 48th regt., NSW
Mangles 1822 John Coghill Matthew Anderson 3rd regt., (Buffs) NSW (I) (P)
Mangles 1824 John Coghill John Crockett 40th regt., NSW
Mangles 1826 John Coghill Thomas Braidwood Wilson 57th regt., NSW (I) (P)
Mangles 1828 William Carr Harman Cochrane 57th regt., NSW (I)
Mangles 1833 William Carr James Rutherford 21st regt., NSW
Mangles 1837 William Carr Francis Logan 80th regt., NSW
Mangles 1840 William Carr Alexander Nisbett 50th regt., NSW
Manlius 1827 William Johnson David Conway 39th regt., NSW
Margaret 1837 Edward Canney Henry Kelsall   NSW (I) (F)
Margaret 1839 Edward Canney George Todd Moxey   NSW (I) (F)
Margaret 1840 Edward Canney Colin Arrott Browning   NSW (I) (F)
Maria 1818 Henry Williams Thomas Prosser   NSW (F)
Maria 1820 Harris Walker William Hamilton   VDL
Mariner 1816 John Herbert John Haslam   NSW
Mariner 1825 William Fotherly Harman Cochrane   NSW (I) (F)
Mariner 1827 Robert Nosworthy Patrick McTernan 39th regt., NSW (I)
Marquis Cornwallis 1796 Michael Hogan Matthew Austin; John Hogan NSW Corps NSW (I) (F) (P)
Marquis of Hastings 1826 William Ostler George Shaw Rutherford 57th regt., NSW
Marquis of Hastings 1827 John Jeffrey Drake Gilbert King Royal Veterans NSW
Marquis of Hastings 1828 John Jeffrey Drake William Rae 57th; 63rd regts., NSW
Marquis of Huntley 1826 William Ascough William Rae 39th regt., NSW
Marquis of Huntley 1828 William Ascough John Smith 40th regt., NSW (I)
Marquis of Huntley 1830 William Ascough William Bell Carlisle 17th regt., NSW
Marquis of Huntley 1835 Captain Molison Alick Osborne 28th regt., NSW
Marquis of Lansdown 1827 (Calcutta) R. Noyes     VDL
Marquis of Wellington 1815 George Betham Thomas Leighton 46th regt., NSW
Martha 1818 John Apsey Morgan Price   NSW (I)
Mary 1819 John Luks John Morgan 57th; 89th regts., NSW (I)
Mary 1822 Charles Arcoll John Rodmell 67th regt., NSW
Mary 1823 J.F. Steele Harman Cochrane   VDL; NSW (F)
Mary 1833 Alexander Jamieson William Conborough Watt 21st regt.NSW
Mary 1835 William Ascough John Inches   NSW (F)
Mary 1836 (Calcutta) Captain Simpson     NSW
Mary Anne 1791 Mark Munroe     NSW (F)
Mary Anne 1816 John Arbuthnot James Bowman   NSW (F)
Mary Anne 1822 Henry Warington James Hall   NSW  (F)
Mary Ann 1835 Captain Aaron Campbell France 4th; 28th regts., NSW
Mary Ann 1839 J.C. Hillman William Bland   NSW  (F)
Matilda 1791 Matthew Weatherhead   NSW Corps NSW
Mayda 1846 Captain May Alexander Kilroy 11th regt.,Norfolk Is
Medina 1823 Robert Brown John Rodmell 40th regt.,NSW (I) (P)
Medway 1821 Borthwick Wight Thomas Davies 53rd regt.,VDL
Medway 1825 Borwick Wight Gilbert King 57th regt.VDL
Mellish 1829 Arthur Vincent Joseph Cook 63rd regt.,NSW
Mermaid 1830 William Henniker David Boyter 17th regt.,NSW
Merope 1834 Calcutta Captain Pollock     VDL
Midas 1825 James Baigrie Charles Cameron   NSW  (F)
Midas 1827 James Baigrie James Morice 39th regt.,NSW
Middlesex 1840 Charles Munro John Baird 51st regt.,NSW (I)
Minerva 1800 Joseph Salkeld John Washington Price 102nd regt.,NSW (I) (F) (P)
Minerva 1818 John Bell James Hunter 48th regt.,NSW (I)
Minerva 1819 John Bell Charles Queade 1st regt.,NSW (I)
Minerva 1821 John Bell Charles Queade 30th;46th;48th;83rd regtsNSW
Minerva 1824 John Bell Alexander Nisbet 40th regt.,NSW
Minerva 1839 George Brown Patrick Magovern   NSW (I) (F)
Minorca 1801 John Leith   NSW Corps NSW (P)
Minstrel 1812 John Reid Alexander Noble   NSW (F)
Minstrel 1825 Charles Arkcoll Hugh Walker 57th regt.,NSW
Moffatt 1836 Thomas Bolton John Smith 28th regt.,NSW
Moffatt 1838 Thomas Bolton Gilbert King   VDL
Morley 1817 Robert R. Brown Robert Espie 46th regt.,NSW
Morley 1818 Robert Brown John Whitemarsh 84th regt.,NSW
Morley 1820 Robert Brown Thomas Reid   NSW  (F)
Morley 1823 Captain Holliday William Bell Carlyle 3rd regt.,VDL
Morley 1828 Henry Williams Peter Cunningham 57th regt.,NSW (I)
Morley 1829 Captain Harrison Richard Lewis   NSW
Mount Stewart Elphinstone 1849 Henry C. Loney George Todd Moxey 96th regt.,Moreton B. (I)


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