Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1821

Colonel Lachlan Macquarie Governor of NSW until December

First Court house built at Newcastle

19 executions in the colony in 1821


Limestone Plains, Canberra area explored by Charles Throsby

January 3

Newcastle Christchurch spire damaged and two men were killed in a lightning strike - Charles Louch and Francis Farrell

January 9

Arrival of the Prince Regent convict ship. Captain Francis Clifford. Surgeon Alexander Taylor

January 17

Two men, two women, and an infant, were drowned in the Hunter's River about a mile from Newcastle when their boat upset. They were Mrs. Allen, wife of a settler at Wallis Plains, Mrs. Swan, also wife of a settler at Paterson's Plains, with her infant child, and Thomas Trainer and Jeremiah O'Neil, prisoners.

February 8

Colonial Appointments dated February 8:

Robert Espie, Surgeon, R.N., appointed Surgeon at Port Dalrymple, in the room of Mr. Moutgarrett

James Scott, Surge, R. N., appointed Surgeon at the Derwetn in the room of Mr. Luttrell

Patrick Hill, Surgeon, R.N. appointed assistant Surgeon at Liverpool

Richard Tress appointed Master Boat Builder of the King's Dock Yard at Sydney

John Nicholson, Master, R.N., appointed Master Attendant and Harbour Master at Port Jackson

February 8

Commissioner John Thomas Bigge returned to Britain on the Dromedary. Saluted with 13 guns from Dawes' Battery on his embarkation from the Governor's Wharf. Two Flank Companies of 48th Regt., to parade under Arms in Macquarie Place as Guard of Honour to the Commissioner

February 12

Arrival of convict ship Prince of Orange. Master Thomas Silk. Surgeon Superintendent George Shaw Rutherford

February 19

Arrival of convict ship Lord Sidmouth. The Lord Sidmouth departed Cork 4 November 1820 and arrived in Port Jackson 19 February 1821. Master James Muddle. Surgeon Thomas C. Roylance

March 8

Stage coach commenced between Sydney and Parramatta. Passengers - two Ministers, 2 Bank directors inside and 3 Officers of the 48th regt. as outside passengers. Bugles played the entire journey

March 10

Captain Francis Allman appointed Commandant at Port Macquarie

March 10

Rev. George Augustus Middleton appointed Assistant Chaplain at Newcastle

March 12

Arrival of the convict ship Dick Master William Harrison. Surgeon Robert Armstrong R.N.

March 13

Death of former NSW Governor John Hunter aged 83 years The Annual Biography and Obituary for the Year

March 21

Settlement at Port Macquarie founded by Captain Francis Allman. Soldiers, stores and convicts to Port Macquarie in the schooner Prince Regent, brig Lady Nelson and cutter Mermaid. Lieut. William Wilson of 48th regt., appointed Engineer and Inspector of public works. Abraham Fenton appointed Surgeon


Murrumbidgee River explored by Charles Throsby

April 2

Arrival of the Jessie. Passengers - Henry Dangar, Robert Coram Dillon and Alexander Livingstone.

May 2

Death of surgeon Thomas Arndell

May 11

Death of George Howe, founder and editor of Australia's first newspaper, the Sydney Gazette

May 18

Arrival of convict ship Speke. Captain Peter McPherson. Surgeon Edward Coates.


Government vessel Snapper made the fastest voyage ever from Sydney to Newcastle and back in 38 hours.


Death of commissary William Broughton

July 9

Wreck of the Phatisalam at Hunter Island, Bass Strait. Captain Peter Dillon

September 8

Arrival of the convict ship Adamant Captain William Ebsworthy. Surgeon James Hamilton.

September 16

Arrival of convict ship Grenada Captain Andrew Donald. Surgeon Peter Cunningham

October 25

Sailed for Europe - The Duchess of York. Passengers included G. Cathcart, William Redfern and wife and Edward Eagar with Emancipist petition re convict attaint


Arrival of John Rotton on the Lusitania, Captain Langdon

November 1

Governor Macquarie departed on the Elizabeth Henrietta for a tour of inspection to Port Macquarie and Newcastle

November 7

Arrival of convict ship John Barry. Captain Roger Dobson. Surgeon Daniel McNamara

November 7

Arrival in Sydney of Sir Thomas Brisbane and Australia's first government astronomer Christian Carl Ludwig Rumker on the merchant ship Royal George, under Captain Powditch


Lieutenant William Lawson traversed the site of Mudgee

November 17

Unusually high tides in Sydney

November 24

Arrival of convict ship Hindostan

November 24

Lieutenant E.C. Close appointed engineer and inspector of public works at Newcastle

December 1

Sir Thomas Brisbane became Governor of the Colony. Nineteen gun salute to celebrate the occasion

December 15

Arrival of the Mariner, Captain Douglass from London. Passengers William Dun

December 16

Arrival of convict ship Minerva. Surgeon Charles Queade

December 18

Arrival of convict ship John Bull. Surgeon William Elyard