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Alexander McLeod - Settler

Rattagan and Luskintyre - Map 4

According to W. Allan Wood in Dawn in the Valley, there were two men by the name of Alexander McLeod in the Hunter Valley in 1820s and 1830's.

Alexander McLeod

1. Alexander McLeod who arrived on the Vice Regent in 1823 and was granted 1200 acres of land which was named Rattagan (seen in yellow on the map above). Alexander McLeod of Rattagan stayed in the Hunter Valley until he became a squatter in the New England with his brother (or cousin?) Colin McLeod.

2. Alexander McLeod who arrived on the John Bull in 1822 and was granted 2000 acres of land on the opposite side of the river which was called Luskintyre (seen in pink on the map above). Alexander McLeod of Luskintyre sold his estate and stock in 1831 and left the Colony. George Yeo later acquired Luskintyre.

Alexander Macleod of Luskintyre died at Courthill, Inverness aged 49 on 28 January 1835. [1]


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