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Adamstown Miners 1901
New South Wales

A List of Coal Miners living in Adamstown in 1901 - from the Federal Directory
Name Address
Allan, David Brickyards
Allan, William Brickyards
Anderson, Sneddon Wilton Street
Anderson, John Glebe Road
Andrews, Frederick Glebe Road
Angus, William D William Street
Argyle, Charles Crown Street
Armstrong, Robert Belmore Street
Ashman, George New Lambton Road
Ashman, James New Lambton Road
Ashman, William New Lambton Road
Ash, Robert Crown Street
Atkinson, John Glebe Road
Atkinson, John E Glebe Road
Atkinson, Thomas Crown Street
Avery, James Thomas Street
Baillie, William Gosford Road
Ballamy, William William Street
Banfield, Thomas Henry Regan Street
Bannister, T New Lambton Estate
Bartley, James Morgan Street
Bell, John junior Brunker Road
Bell, John Brunker Road
Bellamy, Richard Bryant Street
Bird, George Wood Street
Black, Alexander Lambton Road
Black, William Brickyards
Blakemore, Thomas Victoria Street
Blakemore, John junior Bryan Street
Blakemore, John senior Victoria Street
Blanch, James Teralba Road
Blanch, Samuel Teralba Road
Blanch, Edward Glebe Road
Blanch, Whitely Union Street
Bone, Andrew Victoria Street
Bradley, William Brickyards
Bullerwell, George Railway Street
Bullerwell, James (under colliery manager) William Street
Bullerwell, William Brunker Street
Burman, George Wood Street
Burns, Henry Morgan Street
Butler, Richard Victoria Street
Cain, William Victoria Street
Cairns, John Brickyards
Cameron, Allan Brickyards
Campbell, Robert Glebe Road
Campbell, George Brickyards
Chapman, William Thomas Street
Clarke, John Popran Road
Collin, Ralph Wood Street
Comerford, R Teralba Road
Cook, David Crown Street
Cook, James Thomas Street
Cooke, James Glebe Street
Cooke, William Glebe Road
Cooper, William John Glebe Road
Court, William (colliery weighman Union Street
Cowen, James Victoria Street
Cowen, William Victoria Street
Crook, Daniel Brickyards
Crook, John New Lambton Estate
Cummings, John Regan Street
Cutherbert, William Glebe Road
Davey, John Narara Road
Davies, Edwin Brunker Road
Diggins, Henry William Street
Dixon, E Teralba Road
Dunn, A.J Bourke Street
Easton, James Victoria Street
Egginton, Samuel Victoria Street
Elliott, Abraham Morgan Street
England, William Morgan Street
England, Josiah Morgan Street
Errington, James R Glebe Road
Farmer, John F Brunker Road
Faulds, John Balla Road
Faulds, William Brunker Road
Fisher, John Victoria Street
Fisher, W.J Victoria Street
Francis, David Brickyards
Freeman, Ralph (screenman) Union Street
Frew, Francis Teralba Road
Frost, Joshua Brunker Road
Gardener, Charles E Narara Road
Gardener, William Narara Road
Gardner, John Brunker Road
Geatches, William Glebe Road
George, Charles Narara Road
Gibson, John C Regan Street
Gillan, Hugh Glebe Road
Gillard, John Glebe Road
Golightly, Christopher Brickyards
Graham, C Railway Street
Greig, Walter Gosford Road
Greig, Robert Gosford Road
Greig, John Gosford Road
Griffiths, William Glebe Road
Hall, James Narara Road
Harland, Thomas Glebe Road
Harris, Samul A Teralba Road
Harrison, Thomas Narara Road
Harrison, John J Bourke Street
Harrison, John W Narara Road
Harrison, Samuel Glebe Road
Hatch, George New Lambton Estate
Hawkins, Joseph off Victoria Street
Hayes, Henry Morgan Street
Hetherington, William New Lambton Estate
Hill, James William Street
Hill, Arthur William Street
Hill, John William Street
Hope, James Crown Street
Hopton, Thomas Henry Glebe Road
Howell, Evan Bryant Street
Howell, Joshua Bryant Street
Howell, Thomas Bryant Street
Howell, Griffith Thomas Street
Hunt, A.H. Glebe Road
Hunt, Morgan Glebe Road
Hunter Robert Teralba Road
Hunter, R junior New Lambton Estate
Hunter, Joseph Teralba Road
Jackson, William Brunker Road
Jenkins, John Belmore Road
Jennings, Jeremiah Gosford Road
Jennings, Patrick Gosford Road
Johns, Thomas J Glebe road
Johns, Thomas D Glebe Road
Johns, Henry Bourke Street
Johnson, James Victoria Street
Jones, Charles New Lambton Estate
Jordan, George Brickyards
Kellett, William Glebe Road
Kelly, Henry Glebe Road
King, David Buxton Street
King, John Morgan Street
Laidlaw, William Union Street
Lake, J.T New Lambton Road
Lambert, James Morgan Street
Lambert, Thomas Victoria Street
Lambert, William Victoria Street
Lewis, John Victoria Street
Lewis, Joseph Victoria Street
Lonsdale, Edward senior Thomas Street
Lonsdale, John Thomas Street
Lonsdale, William Dibbs Street
Lowbridge, Abel Gosford Road
Lowbridge, Arthur Chatham Road
Lowbridge, John Chatham Road
Lowbridge, Moses Chatham Road
Loyden, Mathew (screen overseer) Victoria Street
McClennan, James Victoria Street
McNamara, John Teralba Road
McNamara, John Narara Road
McNamara, Michael Narara Road
McNamara, Michael Teralba Road
Magill, Thomas Sixth Street
Marsh, Thomas Victoria Street
Mason, James Morgan Street
Miller, William Teralba Road
Millington, A Morgan Street
Mitchell, William Henry Bryant Street
Morgan, Watkin William Street
Mowbray, Peter Wood Street
Moyle, Edward J Glebe Road
Murray, James Glebe Road
Naylor, Samuel Dibbs Street
Newman, James Wood Street
Newton, George Narara Road
Nichols, G.K. Buxton Road
Nichols, George J Hay Street
Nichols, William J.P., Belmore Street
Onslow, AG. Victoria Street
Parsons, George New Lambton Road
Paton, David Brickyards
Pendleberry, John Victoria Street
Phillips, J New Lambton Estate
Phillips, Sydney Glebe Road
Phillips, William Buxton Street
Pollock, George Gosford Road
Pollock, James Glebe Road
Pollock, William John Gosford Road
Prescott, Nathan Teralba Road
Price, Jason Wood Street
Reay, James Brunker Road
Rees, John (Under Colliery Manager Thomas Street
Rees, William D Thomas Street
Regan, James Glebe Road
Regan, Thomas Buxton Street
Reid, J.G.R. (Coaltrimmer) Teralba Road
Richmond, James Victoria Street
Richardson, John T Victoria Street
Roach, Alf Teralba Road
Roberts, Thomas Brunker Road
Roberts, William Thomas Street
Robinson, A Belmore Street
Robinson, G. Mc.D Belmore Street
Robinson, B New Lambton Road
Robinson, J New Lambton Estate
Robson, Joseph Brickyards
Robson, William Narara Road
Robson, Thomas Narara Road
Roddom, John W Brickyards
Roddom, George Brickyards
Rotherham, Thomas Buxton Street
Rouse, Ernest William Street
Rouse, John Bryant Street
Rouse, Joseph William Street
Rudd, James Morgan Street
Rushton, John Gosford Road
Rushton, Frank Gosford Road
Russell, Samuel Brickyards
Russell, William Gosford Road
Savage, Walter Glebe Road
Scarlett, Robert Gosford Road
Shackleton, H Victoria Street
Smailes, William Glebe Road
Simmonds, Thomas Bryant Street
Smailes, William junior Glebe Road
Smith, William Gosford Road
Snedden, William Teralba Road
Southward, John R Bryant Street
Spark, Edward junior Teralba Road
Spark, Edward Teralba Road
Stewart, Samuel J Victoria Road
Stokes, William Brickyards
Syme, Stephen Victoria Street
Talbot, Robert Brunker Street
Tarrant, Joseph Victoria Street
Tesser, Charles William Edden Street
Thompson, Alexander Thomas Street
Thompson, Daniel Buxton Street
Thompson, James junior Buxton Street
Thompson, John Buxton Street
Thompson, John Teralba Street
Thwaites, John Brunker Road
Timmins, S New Lambton Estate
Tripney, D New Lambton Estate
Tripney, Adam Dibbs Street
Tunnifcliff, John Glebe Road
Turnbull, Thomas Thomas Street
Turpin, William Teralba Road
Tyson, Richard Regan Street
Vale, John Buxton Street
Vale, William Victoria Street
Walker, Hugh Brunker Road
Walker, Joseph Glebe Road
Wall, James Brunker Road
Wallwork, Edward Morgan Street
Wallwork, John Morgan Street
Walton, Joseph Victoria Street
Warner, Charles Victoria Street
Watson, John Glebe Road
Waugh, Robert Brickyards
Weatherburn, J Victoria Road
Wellham, Charles Morgan Street
White, James Glebe Road
Williams, David Brunker Road
Wills Robert Morgan Street
Wilmott, Charley Glebe Road
Wilmott, James Morgan Street
Wilson, George Union Street
Wilson, Alexander Narara Road
Wilson, John Union Street
Wilson, Robert Narara Road
Winnon, John J Hay Road
Winwood, Joseph Teralba Road
Wood, James Brickyards
Worrall, Ralph Wood Street
Wright, Charles Brunker Street


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