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Convict Ship Surgeons

John Baird Middlesex to NSW in 1840; Lord Goderich to VDL in 1841
Arthur W.W. Babington York to Western Australia in 1862
Henry Baker Thomas Arbuthnot to VDL in 1846; William Jardine to VDL in 1850
William Balmain Alexander to NSW in 1788
James Barr Waverley to NSW in 1839; Mary Ann to VDL in 1841
John Fletcher Bayley   Surry to NSW in 1816
Robert Beith Eden to Hobart and Port Phillip in 1849
David Wake Bell Sugar Cane to NSW in 1793
Thomas Bell    Edward to NSW in 1831; Eliza to NSW in 1832; Prince George to NSW in 1837; Portsea to NSW in 1838
Thomas Bellot Havering 1849
Augustus Jacob Beyer   Scarborough to NSW 1790; Boddingtons 1793;  Britannia to NSW 1797
James Billing Batavia to NSW in 1818
George Birnie Asia to NSW in 1831; Caroline to NSW in 1833
William Bland Mary Anne to NSW in 1839
Joseph Blyer William Pitt 1806
James Booth Orator  to VDL in 1843
John Bower Emma Eugenia to VDL in 1851; Pyrenees to Freemantle in 1852; Lord Raglan to W.A. in 1858
Robert Bower Pekoe to NSW in 1840; Cadet to VDL in 1844
Arthur Bowes Smyth Lady Penryhn to NSW in 1788
John William Bowler John William Calvin to VDL in 1848; Hashemy to W.A. in 1850; Phoebe Dunbar to W.A. in 1853; Lord Raglan to W.A. in 1858
James Bowman Mary Ann to NSW in 1816; Lord Eldon to NSW in 1817; John Barry to NSW in 1819
John C. Bowman Cadet to VDL in 1849
David Boyter Mermaid to NSW in 1830; Camden to NSW in 1831; Andromeda to NSW in 1833; Hero to NSW in 1835
Abraham Bradford Henrietta to VDL in 1843
Henry Gordon Brock Marmion to VDL in 1828; Surry 1829; Argyle to VDL in 1831; Lotus to VDL in 1833; Thomas Harrison to NSW in 1836
Edward Foord Bromley Ocean to NSW in 1816; Almorah to NSW in 1817; Lord Wellington to NSW in 1820; Surry to NSW in 1833; Numa to NSW in 1834
Robert Browne Canada to NSW in 1815
Colin Arrott Browning Surry to NSW 1831; Arab to VDL 1834; Elphinstone to VDL 1836; Margaret to NSW 1840;  Earl Grey to VDL 1843; Theresa to VDL 1845; Pestonjee Bomanjee to VDL 1847; Hashemy to NSW 1849
Thomas Brownrigg Tortoise to VDL in 1842;
James Marr Brydone Eliza to NSW in 1820
Alexander Bryson Marquis of Hastings to VDL in 1842
John Buist Rolla to NSW in 1803
Matthew Burnside Providence to VDL in 1826
Benjamin Bynoe Blundell to Norfolk Island in 1844; Aboukir to VDL in 1851