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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
114425 Whyte Mrs. W.H - 1854 6 December Watt Street Newcastle MM
  Gave birth to a son on 3rd December
26102 Whyte W.H - 1846 23 December - MM
  Secretary for Newcastle and Stockton Regatta
50523 Whyte W.H - 1849 13 January Maitland MM
  Employed by William Nicholson
53843 Whyte W.H - 1849 2 May Newcastle MM
  Presented Mrs. Crummer with a portrait of her husband as a gesture of thanks for his work as a Magistrate
55630 Whyte W.H - 1849 2 June Newcastle MM
  In charge of stores adjoining the old Commercial Hotel which contained goods belonging to Robert Fisher
55631 Whyte W.H - 1849 2 June Newcastle MM
  Gave evidence when Hugh Maguire was accused of stealing clothing from stores
59780 Whyte W.H - 1849 21 November Watt St. Newcastle MM
  Built new premises for a butcher's shop and provision store
60575 Whyte W.H - 1849 26 December Newcastle MM
  Appointed agent for Maitland Mercury in place of t. Felton
72217 Whyte W.H - 1850 9 January Newcastle MM
  Subscribers to Maitland Mercury to collect their newspapers from Whyte instead of the post office
81756 Whyte W.H - 1851 5 February Newcastle MM
  Taking out auctioneers license for 1851
84425 Whyte W.H - 1851 16 July Newcastle MM
  Present at public meeting held to raise subscriptions to detect arsonist
97415 Whyte W.H - 1853 12 February Newcastle MM
  Poundkeeper. Paid money raised at the pound into the Colonial Treasury
97518 Whyte W.H - 1853 19 February Newcastle MM
  Calling for tenders to repair the Old Military Barracks
97522 Whyte W.H - 1853 19 February Newcastle MM
  Advertising to employ fencers to erect a four railed pig proof fence to enclose 20 acres of land adjoining Newcastle on the Maitland road
99464 Whyte W.H - 1853 23 April Newcastle MM
  Attended meeting to establish periodical Races at Newcastle
130881 Whyte W.H - 1860 2 March Watt Street Newcastle SMH
  W.H. Whyte, Captain Allen, the harbour master, Mr. Knight and F. Ash, entered the premises of the Hall of Commerce when it caught fire to assist in fighting the fire
173769 Whyte William - 5 April 1902 Newcastle NMH
  Among the graves in the old Cathedral churchyard, there are many of peculiar interest, because of the association which cling around those whose memory is thus perpetuated.....An old shipping identity and well known citizen is remembered by an elaborate tablet which marks the resting place of William Whyte who died 5th November 1876, aged 68 and Mary Ann wife of the above who died 29 June 1877 aged 62. William Whyte was in business for years as a butcher and shipowner, having quite a fleet of vessels trading out of the port. His son, Mr. William Whyte, of the Customs Department died about two years ago.
59860 Whyte William H - 1849 24 November Newcastle and Raymond Terrace MM
  Successful tender to supply provisions for colonial service
5858 Whyte William Henry - 1852 2 October Newcastle MM
  Signed address to Edward Flood, representative of the NE Boroughs in the Legislative Council, showing support as he had sustained serious losses in the recent disastrous floods on the Murrumbidgee
26506 Whyte William Henry - 1847 16 January Newcastle MM
  Present at public meeting to discuss arrangements for the reception of the Governor Sir Charles Fitzroy
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