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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
6998 Warland Edward - 1843 25 March Murrurundi MM
  Pledging support for Donald McIntyre of Kayuga to represent Brisbane Hunter & Bligh counties in the Legislative Council
53810 Warland Edward - 10 August Invermein Sydney Monitor
  Acting poundkeeper at Invermein
128956 Warland Edward - 1856 14 May Maitland Quarter Sessions SMH
  William Eckford found not guilty of stealing 2 bottles and 2 quarts of ale belonging to Edward Warland at Tamworth
162358 Warland Edward - 31 March 1897 Scone Hospital Barrier Miner (Broken Hill)
  Edward Warland died in Scone hospital the other day. He was the last survivor of the volunteers who hunted down the Jew boy gang in 1840. The gang consisted of seven desperadoes, of whom Davis, 'the Jew boy', was leader. They had been the terror of the Hunter, and working up towards Murrurundi, they attacked the small station home of Edward Warland, who escaped from their clutches, and from that hour devolted himself to running them down. The whole gang was captured and executed in Sydney March 1841
111073 Warland W - 1854 28 January Hanging Rock MM
  Disposed of his Stores, stock etc to A.W. Hayles
29223 Warland W.H - 1834 19 June - SG
  Assigned servant James McCarthney absconded from service
50201 Warland W.H - 1848 27 December Pages River MM
  Given pre-emptive right to lease Crown Land
54307 Warland W.H - - Dartbrook AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 674
  William Ferguson per 'James Pattison' assigned servant
56154 Warland W.H - 1835 3 March Pages River SG
  Proceeding to the Cape by the 'Leda' with 200 Merino rams
69066 Warland W.H - 1832 11 July Pages River 1832 GG
  Bridget Featherstone per ' Forth' assigned servant
101170 Warland W.H - 1833 24 August Invermein SG
  Signature on petition to Legislative Council by Hunter River district inhabitants regarding the 'Summary Punishment Bill'
143121 Warland W.H - 1830 Upper Hunter River AO NSW Convicts Indents. Fiche No. 676
  John Small per 'Lord Melville' assigned servant
163944 Warland W.H - 26 August 1833 Pages River Settler and Convict Lists 1787-1834. Ancestry
  John Conolly per 'Captain Cook' assigned servant
166943 Warland W.H - 1831 Hunter River Convict Indents (Ancestry)
  Samuel Batley per 'York' assigned to W.H. Warland on arrival
167748 Warland W.H - 5 January 1857 Murrurundi Police Gazette
  Hired servant William Eckford absconded from service.
14945 Warland W.H. - 1832 27 September Upper Hunter SG
  Cornelious Wilbee assigned servant
15046 Warland W.H. - 1832 29 November Pages River SG
  William White assigned servant
15048 Warland W.H. - 1832 29 November Pages River SG
  William Wilson assigned servant
19459 Warland W.H. - 1832 27 December Hunter River SG
  Edward Phelan assigned servant
19476 Warland W.H. - 1832 27 December Pages River SG
  George Rule assigned servant
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