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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
63918 Walden Constable William - 1829 8 January Merton SG
  T/L holder. Appointed constable in room of John Minzello
63984 Walden Constable William - 1829 22 August Merton SG
  Dismissed from position of constable for neglect of duty
108733 Walden Constable William - 1828 29 October Patrick Plains SG
  Ticket of leave holder. Dismissed on 8th Oct., for improper conduct and neglect of duty
131047 Walden Constable William - 1837 21 June Patrick Plains GG
  William Walden appointed constable in the room of George Hudson, dismissed, from the 8th June
34636 Walden William Three Bees 1814 1828 Merton 1828 Census
  Ticket of Leave holder aged 42. Constable with William Ogilvie
64127 Walden (Waldron) Constable William Three Bees 1814 1827 25 April Patrick Plains SG
  T/L holder. Appointed constable