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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
130686 Summer (Summers) Ralph - 1806 23 November Sydney SG
  Sentenced to 50 lashes and the gaol gang for absenting himself from Government labour
62353 Summers Ralph - 1810 5 January - CSI
  To be released from Sydney gaol on the occasion of Lachlan Macquarie taking charge of the Government
130687 Summers Ralph - 1806 12 January Sydney SG
  Obtained His Excellency's permission to depart the Colony in the 'Endeavour'
130688 Summers Ralph - 1806 10 August Sydney SG
  Sentenced to 300 lashes and 12 months labour in the gaol gang for having stolen from the dwelling of Catherine Collins, a quantity of corn and having made use of expressions menacing her with violence
130690 Summers Ralph - 1821 10 March - SG
  Departing the colony in the ship Midas or schooner Elizabeth and Mary. Request for claims to be presented
61185 Summers Ralph Canada 1801 1811 24 August - SG
  Sentenced to 7 years hard labour at Newcastle for stealing a silver watch belonging to David Dyer in Sydney
62354 Summers Ralph Canada 1801 1811 11 August Newcastle CSI
  Sent to Newcastle as prisoner
166649 Summers Ralph Canada 1801 1st to 30 April 1812 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers. Monthly return of Corporal Punishments
  Punished with 50 lashes for being absent from public labour