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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
126086 Stirling Lieutenant Robert - 1840 1 April Co. of Brisbane, Parish of Denman, at the confluence of the Goulburn and Hunter Rivers GG
  Claim for Deed of Grant. 1000 acres located on an order of Gov. Brisbane dated 2 November 1825 in favour of Lieut. Robert Stirling, now deceased. Claimant Thomas Balcomb alleging the land belongs to him
169325 Stirling Lieutenant Robert Shipley 1822 1823 Moreton Bay -
  Lieutenant Stirling accompanied John Oxley on his expedition to Moreton Bay in 1823
169326 Stirling Lieutenant Robert Shipley 1822 1823 Moreton Bay HRA, Series 1, vol. VII p. 225
  John Oxley was accompanied on his excursion to Moreton Bay by Lieutenant Stirling of the Buffs who Oxley derived the greatest assistance. Oxley attributed Stirling's skill in the rapid and accurage delineation of the surface of the positions of country that they were enabled to complete their duties in so short a space of time.