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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
18479 Steel James - 1845 13 September Newcastle MM
  Present at a meeting at the Court House to propose that a Benevolent Asylum is necessary for Newcastle
20110 Steel James - 1846 24 January Newcastle MM
  Signed letter written to farewell Major Last who was leaving for New Zealand to fight in the Maori wars
27649 Steel James - 1833 18 January Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
  Agreement with Australian Agricultual Company due to expire
30299 Steel James - 1829 Carrington Pure Merinos and Others
  Colliery Engineer employed by Australian Agricultural Company
32613 Steel James - 1836 6 February Newcastle SG
  On committee of management of the Newcastle Mechanics Institute
80463 Steel James - 1833 20 April Newcastle SG
  Presented address to the Governor on his visit to Newcastle
82132 Steel James - 1836 6 February Newcastle SG
  Mr. Steel and his son preparing a model of a steam engine for a presentation to the new Mechanics Institute
82180 Steel James - 1836 25 October Newcastle Australian
  Intending to build a flour mill at Newcastle. Sent to England for a steam engine
91679 Steel James - 1837 23 October Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Marriages p72
  Witness to the marriage of Alexander Brown and Margaret Steel
106478 Steel James - 843 March Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Marriages p18
  Witness at the marriage of William Innen and Isabella Steel
106550 Steel James - 1846 August Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Marriages p23
  Marriage of James Steel aged 19 and Margaret Jones aged 19. Witnesses Martin and Catherine Richardson and Mary Anne Steel of Newcastle
107122 Steel James - 1855 January Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Marriages p48
  Witness at the marriage of William Firth and Elizabeth Steel
114647 Steel James - 1830 12 August Port Stephens In the Service of the Company: letters of Sir Edward Parry, Commissioner to the Australian Agricultural company: volume 1, December 1829 - June 1832. Letter No 184
  A.A. Company Engineer. To travel by the 'Lambton' to Sydney to superintend the embarkation ofthe Company's Steam Engines on board the Norval
115019 Steel James - 1833 18 January Newcastle In the Service of the Company. Letters of Sir Edward Parry, Volume 2 June 1832 - March 1834 Letter 777
  Agreement with A.A. Company to expire 3rd April.
115029 Steel James - 1833 8 February Newcastle In the Service of the Company. Letters of Sir Edward Parry, VolumeII June 1832 - March 1834 Letter 817
  Correspondence from Sir Edward Parry regarding Steel's agreement with the company and outlining new Agreement. New agreement on proviso that Michael Steel (son) enter into the same agreement
124259 Steel James - 1861 21 August Newcastle SMH
  Marriage of William Alston Hutchinson, son of Thomas Hutchinson of Alston, Cumberland and Miss Barbara Telena, daughter of James Steel, engineer of Newcastle on 23 July. Minister Rev. W. Hill
132832 Steel James - 1862 1 August At the residence of the bridegroom's parents. Brown Street, Newcastle SMH
  Marriage of Michael Steel, engineer, a native of Newcastle, and fifth son of Mr. James Steel of the above city to Miss Winifred Dawes, a native of Parramatta and 8th daughter of Mr. George Dawes of Newtown
180222 Steel James - 5 May 1846 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions Letter Book
  Letter 46/43. Correspondence from Magistrates Crummer and Furlong to the Principal Superintendent of Convicts.....With reference to your letter of the 4th instance on the subject of the indulgence granted to the men who rendered assistance at the fire on the premises of the A.A. Company at Newcastle some few months back, we do ourselves the honor to observe that we conceive there must be some misapprehension as regards the case of James Brown whose exertions and meritorious conduct were particularly noticed both by Mr. Steel and Mr. Brown, overseers of the Company at the fire, as they signed the memorial of Brown and stated in their recommendations that they were eye witnesses of his praiseworthy efforts under all the circumstances of the case. We feel it a duty to suggest most urgently this convict be granted a ticket of leave immediately for his as a reward for his conduct which indulgence we are firmly of opinion is only commensurate with his deserts on the occasion referred to.
30545 Steel James Australia 1826 - - Pure Merinos
  Brakeman. Employed by Australian AGricultural Company
42797 Steel James Baring 1819 1828 Port Stephens 1828 Census
  Servant indented to Australian Agricultural Company. Aged 43 . Came free
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