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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
20369 Stack Rev - 1846 4 March West Maitland MM
  St. Mary's Parsonage robbed
23799 Stack Rev - 1846 19 September - MM
  Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund
38673 Stack Rev - 1842 1 January West Maitland HRG
  Minister at the marriage of C.V. Earle and Anne Poulton
43204 Stack Rev - 1842 28 May Maitland HRG
  Amusing letter in HRG regarding Rev. Stack's unpaid account at the Gazette
45133 Stack Rev - 1846 1 April Maitland MM
  Attempted robbery at his house adjoining St. Mary's Church. Dog severely wounded
53708 Stack Rev - 1846 7 October West Maitland MM
  Meeting held in school room of St. Mary's Church to present an address to Rev. Stack prior to his removal to the living of Campbelltown
123605 Stack Rev - 1842 8 October Rosebrook near Maitland SMH
  Marriage of John Scott Esq., to Sarah Georgina, eldest daughter of James Wood, Esq., of Newry Ireland. Minister Rev. Stack
133323 Stack Rev. - 1839 3 June Newcastle This errant lady: Jane Franklin's overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney p. 141
  Travelling from Newcastle to Sydney on the Steamer. Joined Lady Jane Franklin, Rev. Wilton and Rev. Cowper for lunch on the Steamer before departing Newcastle
51740 Stack Rev. W - 1846 30 September West Maitland MM
  Sale of household furniture etc. at the St. Mary's parsonage prior to his leaving the district
66647 Stack Rev. W - 1838 7 March Maitland GG
  Assigned convict coachman and groom
19257 Stack Rev. W 0 1845 6 December Allyn River MM
  Present when St. Mary's Church was consecrated by the Bishop of Australia
4491 Stack Rev. W. - 1842 19 March West Maitland HRG
6216 Stack Rev. W. - January 1844 Maitland A Town To Be Laid Out
  Appointed to draft the rules for a new hospital at Maitland to be built at Campbell's Hill opposite Boynes Inn
30244 Stack Rev. William - 1839 West Maitland Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
  Church of England Minister
64388 Stack Rev. William - 1844 8 June St. Mary's Church West Maitland Dispatch
  Officiating minister at marriage of William Bligh John O'Connell and Mary Australia Jones on 3rd June
123640 Stack Rev. William - 1858 6 February St. Marys Balmain SMH
  Marriage of John E. Stacey of Newcastle to Elica Antonia, eldest daughter of John Nicholas Beit on 4th February. Minister Rev. Stack
123969 Stack Rev. William - 1858 10 March Balmain SMH
  Death of Annie Kathleen, daughter of Rev. William Stack on 9th February aged 10 months
129853 Stack Rev. William - 1844 24 December West Maitland GRC
  Marriage of George Turner and Maria Sarah, eldest daughter of F.J. King on 18th December. Minister Rev. William Stack
129952 Stack Rev. William - 1844 14 September West Maitland SMH
  Marriage of John M. Saunders, Manager of the Bank of Australasia, East Maitland and Francis Taylor, youngest daughter of Robert Nunn, Esq., late of Lambeth on 11th September. Minister Rev. Wiliam Stack
130152 Stack Rev. William - 1840 3 July Rosebrook SH
  Marriage of Robert Adamson Rodd of Tremayne, Wollombi and Amelia, second daughter of Lieutenant Sampson Marshall on 23rd June. Minister Rev. William Stack
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