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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
168101 Spectacle Island - - 9 April 1844 Newcastle The Australian
  Cattle rustler John Hicklin alias Kangaroo Jack resided on the bank of the river facing Spectacle Island
168102 Spectacle Island - - 12 October 1844 Newcastle MM
  Petition to dredge the Hunter River embracing the Flats, the shoal below Raymond Terrace......From the plan of the Flats it appears the shoal parts which require deepening are about half a mile in extent altogether. Upon these portions there is at low tide a depth of water varying from 6 to 8 feet. Upon the remainder of the Flats the depth of water is from 8 to about 13 feet. Mr. White examined the forma- tion of the Flats, and to the greatest depth to which he could force his probing instrument, about three feet, he found them composed of compact sand and oyster shells; and he is of opinion that were the shoal parts of them removed they would not be likely to form again for some time. He recommends that the upper entrance of the south channel, a short distance above Spectacle Island, should, if practicable, be filled up.
168103 Spectacle Island - - 16 April 1849 Newcastle SMH
  Steamer Thistle sprung a leak near Spectacle Island