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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
66166 Smith Peter - 1839 20 May Williams River SH
  Native of Leith Scotland aged 30; 5'6"; black hair, whiskers long florid face; Served 15 yrs several ofwhich in survey dept. under Mr. Ralfe. Accomnpanied Mr. Eyre in first expedition to S.A.
66167 Smith Peter - 1839 20 May Williams River SH
  Absconded from John Lord
141912 Smith Peter - 1867 Ashton, Camberwell Bailliers Official Postal Directory p 71
179915 Smith Peter - 7 December 1841 Scone Bench of Magistrates - Scone Prisoners confined in Lockup - Ancestry
  Bond. Admitted to Scone lockup on a charge of drunkenness and receiving liquor from Mrs. Atkinson. Sentenced to 25 lashes and returned to the lockup
147029 Smith Peter Countess of Harcourt 1827 1852 7 April Singleton MM
  Ticket of leave cancelled for being absent from district
12575 Smith Peter Eliza 1828 1844 17 August Maitland MM
  Obtained Ticket of Leave
133623 Smith Peter Eliza 1828 1837 Maitland GRC
  Age 33. Assigned to Edward Biddulph
93429 Smith Peter Minstrel 1825 1834 5 February Maitland GG 1834
  Ticket of leave cancelled for imposing on the Bench of Magistrates at Maitland by answering for another man who was absent from muster