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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
57477 Shields Constable James - 1835 25 April Paterson SG
  Dismissed from position of constable. Replaced by William Shaw
67083 Shields Constable James - 1838 4 July Raymond Terrace GG
  Dismissed from position of constable. Replaced by James Chamberlain
54342 Shields James - 1840 1 December Williams River CSIL 40/12813 AONSW Reel No. 2679.
  Free. Bailedup at Underbank by bushrangers
113999 Shields James - 1854 29 March Allyn River MM
  Euguene Kenney advertising 250 head of cattle for sale. Cattle running on Captain Gilbert Champain's Estate at Allyn River and were formerly owned by James Shields
122658 Shields James Elphinstone 1838 1843 10 January Paterson GG
  Granted Ticket of Leave
180998 Shields (4th regt.,) James - 6 September 1824 Newcastle/ Pattersons Plains NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
  Archibald Noble in the service of Peter Sinclair charged with absconding from his masters farm at the 1st Branch. The prisoner was found secreted in a hut at Pattersons Plains by James Shields, a soldier of the Buffs and unable to give any satisfactory account of himself. Marmaduke Burrows who assisted in secreting him received punishment for the offence on the 25 August. Prisoner makes no satisfactory statement in excuse for his being found away from his masters land. Sentenced to the gaol gang until further notice
133393 Shields (Sheals) James Surry 1816 1837 Paterson GRC
  Ticket of leave holder age 43