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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
30233 Rouse Chief Constable William - 1839 Newcastle Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
  Chief Constable
43787 Rouse Constable - 1835 1 December Newcastle BB
  Witnessed Martha Allen meet a soldier and accompany him to the barracks
52209 Rouse Constable - 1835 29 December Newcastle BB
  Testified at Police Court that Bond, Meredith and Dunivan were noisy and drunk in the street
52331 Rouse Constable - 1836 26 January Newcastle BB
  Witness in court case of Mary Anne Jones
52362 Rouse Constable - 1836 February Newcastle BB
  Arrested Thomas Armstrong fordruknenness and disorderly conduct
52413 Rouse Constable - 1836 19 February Newcastle BB
  Charged publican Charles Hughes with supplying a prisoner of the Crown with liquor without a pass
53983 Rouse Constable - 1837 3 January Newcastle BB
  James Robinson per 'Florentia' deprived of T/L for telling Constable Rouse a falsehood
54124 Rouse Constable - 1837 23 March Newcastle BB
  Witness in court case of Private Peter White
55231 Rouse Constable - 1837 30 June Newcastle BB
  Charged John Butler Hewson with serving a prisoner liquor. Case dismissed
29362 Rouse Constable W - 1834 2 August Newcastle SG
  Charged with perjury by Simon Kemp. Case dismissed from Court
32016 Rouse Constable William - 1835 26 May Newcastle Quarter Sessions
  Arrested Patrick Rice and David Tunmore for stealing wine bottles belonging to James Reid
43863 Rouse Constable William - 1835 26 December Newcastle BB
  Arrested Mary Murphy for being in Mr. Beattie's public house illegally
52302 Rouse Constable William - 1836 16 January Newcastle BB
  Testified in Court that the watchhouse was so insecure that Thomas Mullins would have broken out if not handcuffed
52500 Rouse Constable William - 1836 14 December Newcastle BB
  Charged with taking away the sail of a boat by Jeremiah Keys. Case dismissed
54139 Rouse Constable William - 1837 28 March Newcastle BB
  Purchased 2 blankets at a public auction
78636 Rouse Constable William - 1831 2 June Newcastle SG
  Apprehended Daniel Bradburne in Binder's public house.
82218 Rouse Constable William - 1838 16 January Newcastle BB
  Witness in Court when John Richards was charged with preferring a vexacious charge against his employers.
111974 Rouse Constable William - 1837 26 September Newcastle BB
  Charged Simon Kemp with not having a light above the door of his Inn on 20 September
135502 Rouse Constable William - 1837 Newcastle GRC
  Thomas Taylor per 'John' assigned servant
137691 Rouse Constable William - 1838 13 October Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
  Betsy & Nellie, two 'native blacks' found guilty of drunk and disorderly behaviour. Constable Rouse deposed that there was a great disturbance by the blacks of the town on 12th Oct., and he arrested Betsy & Nellie who were being beaten by others.
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