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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
17497 Robertson John Anderson - 1845 12 July Muswellbrook MM
  Trustee of presbyterian Church, Manse and school house
49975 Robertson John Anderson - 1847 5 May Sydney MM
  Formerly a writer to the Signet in Scotland. Admitted as attorney and Proctor of Supreme Court NSW. Formerly Magistrate at Scone
53806 Robertson John Anderson - 1840 December Scone An Organised Banditti, p.140
  Police Magistrate for Scone. Took depositions on the eath of John Graham and robbery of the robbery at the St. Aubins Arms
54280 Robertson John Anderson - - Scone An Organised Banditti, p.214
  Police Magistrate for Scone 1840 - 1844. Reported capture of bushrangers Gibbons, Knight, Wilson etc to Colonial Secretary
74312 Robertson John Anderson - 1843 4 January Merton and Muswellbrook CO
  Appointed Commissioner of the Court of Requests
74478 Robertson John Anderson - 1843 6 September Merton and Muswellbrook CO
  Councillor of District Council
120530 Robertson John Anderson - 1841 22 January Scone GG
  Police Magistrate. Appointed Commissioner of the Court of Requests