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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
76137 Rinker Constable John - 1846 28 March Newcastle MM
  Correspondence re John Rinker being re-appointed constable calling him an 'obnoxious fellow' who gave vexatious information
180069 Rinker Constable John - 26 January 1845 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions Letter Book
  Letter 45/6. Correspondence re the case of Job Hudson - the distress out of which the assault on Constable John Rinker by Job Hudson originated remains unsatisfied
9642 Rinker John - 1843 11 November Newcastle MM
  Constable with Newcastle police. Assaulted by drunken soldiers Privates Blackey and Tuett outside the Court House.
10254 Rinker John - 1844 3 February Newcastle MM
  Advertisement asking for John Donald and James Wiggam to pay for storage of goods.
11902 Rinker John - 1841 - -
  Son of John and Margaret born 1841
19033 Rinker John - 1845 8 November Newcastle MM
  Expressing regret that Peter Grant's seat in Legislative Council declared vacant
19897 Rinker John - 1845 27 December Newcastle MM
  Constable. Committed for trial for perjury
72016 Rinker John - 1850 9 January Newcastle MM
  Found not guilty of stealing an oar belonging to Henry Smith, master of barque Josephine
82091 Rinker John - 1851 22 February Newcastle MM
  Offering reward for return of mare lost or stolen from Newcastle
84877 Rinker John - 1851 9 August Newcastle MM
  Requesting that Edward Flood nominate for representation in the Legislative council
90947 Rinker John - 1852 30 June Newcastle MM
  Unclaimed letter at the General Post Office, Sydney
94979 Rinker John - 1852 2 October Newcastle MM
  Signed address to Edward Flood, representative of the NE Boroughs in the Legislative Council, showing support as he had sustained serious losses in the recent disastrous floods on the Murrumbidgee
105855 Rinker John - 1854 13 December Newcastle MM
  Signed address to the Postmaster General, Sydney thanking him for allowing Campbell Pegus to resign from his position as Postmaster in Newcastle
106864 Rinker John - 1855 9 May Newcastle MM
  Presented Rev. William Savigny with a testimonial of a silver salver and 40 sovereigns in gratitude for his ministerial labours and gratuitous devotion to service
174626 Rinker John - 1855 Dwelling house, Scott Street, Newcastle NMH
  On a list of electors in the police district of Newcastle who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland in 1855. Printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald 19 July 1911
180196 Rinker John - 19 December 1845 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions Letter Book
  Letter 45/147. Re depositions taken in the case of John Rinker who was committed to take his trial for wilful and corrupt perjury. Rinker was admitted to bail himself in 25 pounds and two sureties
62923 Rinker John Bussorah Merchant 1828 1828 Sydney 1828 Census
  Hyde Park Barracks
146410 Rinker John Bussorah Merchant 1828 1837 10 June - SG
  Granted Certificate of Freedom
105882 Rinker John and Margaret - Baptism June 1845 Abode: Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. p.14
  Constable. Baptism of son William Henry
107631 Rinker John and Margaret - 1850 20 June Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Burials p21
  John Leonard Rinker, son of John and Margaret died age 9 years and 2mths 10 days. Burial date
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