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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
93733 Quin Johanna Kains 1831 1831 1 April - NGE
  Servant from Limerick. Sent from the female factory for the service of Mr. Hewitt
97697 Quin Johanna Kains 1831 1831 19 August Maitland NGE
  Servant from Limerick. Admitted to Newcastle gaol 19 August. Sentenced to 21 days solitary confinement then to the Femal Factory 1st Class. Assigned to Mr. Anley by order of G. Brooks 27 October
174863 Quinn Johanna Kains 1831 1831 - State Archives NSW. Convict Indents. Microfiche 678
  Age 20. Native of Limerick. Occupation country work. Tried Newgate 29 October 1829 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing money. Assigned to Henry Hewett on arrival. Note - brother Timothy Quinn arrived 10 years previously