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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
148490 Purcell Lieutenant - 1810 4 August Coal River (Newcastle) SG
  Alexander Melville and William Rayner, Privates in 73rd regt., belonging to Lieut. Purcell's detachment at Coal River rewarded with 5 pounds sterling and 1 pair of shoes for their active exertions and soldier like manner in apprehended fugitives from Newcastl
137330 Purcell Lieutenant Anne 1810 1810 3 March Port Jackson SG
  73rd regiment. Passenger on the 'Anne' from England
17120 Purcell Lieutenant John - 1810 Newcastle CSI
  73rd Regiment. Commandant Newcastle
77367 Purcell Lieutenant John - 1810 February Newcastle CSL 6002 4/3490B
  Lieutenant Lawson informed that Lieutenant Purcell would be taking Command of the settlement at Newcastle
148596 Purcell Lieutenant John Anne 1810 - - The Bicentenary Pioneer Register, Second Edition, Volume 111
  Born c. 1779. Spouse Harriet Newman (came free). Issue 1) Charles b. c 1807. 2) Harriet Merrick Maria b. 1812. 3) Henry b. c. 1818