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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
175114 Overand (Overhand) Bryan - 1 October 1814 Sydney Colonial Secretarys Papers
  Resigned from position of Captain of the schooner Estramina. Replaced by Mr. Ross
175115 Overand (Overhand) Bryan - 1810 Sydney Australian Marriage Index
  Marriage of Bryan Overand and Catherine McNalty
169449 Overand (Overhand) (Overend) Bryan Fortune 1806 - - State Archives NSW. Convict Indents Microfiche: 632
  Tried 15 January 1805 at Liverpool and sentenced to 7 years transportation
169450 Overand (Overhand) (Overend) Bryan Fortune 1806 22 March 1805 Portsmouth UK Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books. Ancestry
  Age 34. Convicted at Liverpool 15th January 1805 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Admitted to the Captivity Hulk on 22nd March 1805 and transferred to the convict ship Fortune on 9th January 1806
169423 Overend (Overhand) Captain Bryan - 14 July 1810 - SG
  At a Bench of Magistrates an investigation took place relative to the escape of three prisoners who lately went from on board the Lady Nelson in which they were to have been removed to Kings Town. When upon the examination of the master and seamen it did not appear that the fugitives were assisted by any person belonging to the vessel in their said escape; but that they had taken advantage of the deck being cleared of the people while at dinner, to make away the boat. Two out of the three namely Hogg and Tobin have since surrendered themselves but Ratty is still out of custody
71821 Overhand Bryan - 1810 April - CSI
  Convict James Ratty per 'Duke of Portland' escaped from
130646 Overhand Bryan - 1809 17 December - SG
  Lease of land
130647 Overhand Bryan - 1811 May 30 - CSL
  Assisted Edward Watson, master of the Estramina on his first voyage to the Hunter
130648 Overhand Bryan - 1810 July Sydney CSL
  Master of the 'Lady Nelson'. Failed to place prisoners Batty, Hogg and Tobin in irons when they were being taken to the penal settlement at Newcastle. The prisoners escaped and Overhand was held accountable by Commandant John Purcell
169448 Overhand Bryan - 28 June 1807 Sydney SG
  Bryan Overhand, one of three people who engaged in a plot to assist convicts to escape from the colony in the vessel Argument. The three men were accepted as evidences for the Crown and gave evidence accordingly
71310 Overhand (Overend) Bryan - 1810 Newcastle CSI
  Master of Lady Nelson & Estramina. Laid charges against Lieutenant Purcell
77341 Overhand (Overend) Captain Bryan - 1809 13 August Hunter River SG
  Master of the 'Lady Nelson' reporting the Hunter River to be in flood