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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
171985 Newton Adam Portland 1837 3 December 1837 - State Records Online Shipping List
  Adam Newton, baker, and wife, emigrants brought out by Andrew Lang of Dunmore..http://tinyurl.com/malvjb2
34057 Newton Andrew - 1828 Hunter River 1828 Census
  Michael Clarke per Henry Porcher assigned servant
40474 Newton Andrew - 1828 Hunter River 1828 Census
  George Shepherd per 'Surry' assigned servant
101223 Newton Andrew - 1833 24 August Williams River SG
  Signature on petition to Legislative Council by Hunter River district inhabitants regarding the 'Summary Punishment Bill'
126116 Newton Andrew - 1840 11 April Durham Co., Parish of Fingal. Allyn River GG
  Claim for Deed of Grant. 357 acres promised by Gov. Darling 2 November 1829 to Andrew Newton and possession given 21 April 1831 as a primary grant in lieu of 640 acres. Deeds advertised at Newton's request, for James Taylor
177891 Newton Andrew - 1831 William River AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 697
  George (John) Madden per Exmouth assigned to Andrew Newton on arrival
177893 Newton Andrew - 1831 Williams River AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 697
  Hugh McCosker per Exmouth assigned to Andrew Newton on arrival
65939 Newton Andrew Greenock 1826 1828 Newton, Hunter River 1828 Census
  Came Free. Farmer aged 56
68865 Newton Constable David - 1832 30 May Newcastle GG 1832
  Dismissed from position of constable for improper conduct. Replaced by Patrick Crinion
97705 Newton D Minerva 1824 1828 ? 1828 Census
  Assigned to road gang 27
174096 Newton David - 13 March 1897 Newcastle NMH
  A resident of Newcastle unearthed a valuable book relating to early convict days in Newcastle containing original depositions of the cases heard at the Newcastle Police Office in the year 1829 - David Newton, sentenced to 50 lashes for drunkenness. William Maybury, the chief wardsman at the hospital stated that the prisoner went to the hospital between the hours of 5 and 6 oclock very much intoxicated
78901 Newton David Minerva 1824 1850 21 September - MM
  Granted conditional pardon
97703 Newton David Minerva 1824 1831 20 August Newcastle NGE
  Labourer from Lancaster. Admitted to Newcastle gaol 20 August. To be confined in a cell 7 days save 1 hour daily during which he is to be employed in the purposes of the police in charge of a constable. Discharged 22 August
97704 Newton David Minerva 1824 1837 Sydney GRC
  Aged 40. Assigned to the hospital in Sydney
115808 Newton David Minerva 1824 1833 September Paterson Secondary Punishment
  Return of Corporal Punishment inflicted by Sentence of the Bench in the presence of P.N. Anley, Magistrate. 50 lashes for drunkenness and neglect as scourger. Back much cut but did not bleed
169298 Newton David Minerva 1824 10 October 1840 Newcastle gaol Ancestry.com. New South Wales, Australia, Gaol Entrance Books. State Archives NSW; Item: 2/2020; Roll: 757
  Admitted to Newcastle gaol from New England district. Sent to Hyde Park Barracks
97798 Newton David (Davis) Minerva 1824 1831 13 September Newcastle NGE
  Flagellator from Lancashire. Admitted to Newcastle gaol 13 September. To be confined until further notice. Sent to the Police Office Newcastle 20 September
10832 Newton Edmond - 1841 Muswellbrook 1841 Census Index
  Town, Muswellbrook 28
108460 Newton Edward - 1836 18 May Co. Durham, Parish of Seaham near Nelson's Plains GG 1836
  Application for land. 800 acres bounded on the north by Alexander Warren's acres
134724 Newton Edward - 1855 13 October Muswellbrook MM
  Died on 10th October aged 44. An old tenant of Mr. Cox. Death caused by cramp whilst sheep washing, a very industrious settler, leaving a widow and nine children