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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
35027 Neal Constable Michael - 1836 26 April Maitland SG
  Appointed Constable in place of Caffney who was dismissed
65100 Neal Constable Michael - 1833 11 July Maitland SG
  Dismissed from position of constable
120032 Neal Constable Michael - 1837 4 January Maitland GG
  Dismissed from position of constable. Replaced by Matthew Griffiths
47073 Neal Constable Michael Three Bees 1814 1831 13 September Maitland SG
  Appointed Constable in place of James Gallagher who resigned
25229 Neal Michael - 1846 28 October - MM
  Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund
64748 Neal Michael Three Bees 1814 1831 16 September Maitland Australian
  Appointed constable in room of James Gallagher, resigned
69037 Neal Michael Three Bees 1814 1832 27 June - 1832 GG
  Ticket of leave cancelled for assaulting a constable
17532 Neal (Neale) Michael Three Bees 1814 1831 18 August Maitland SG
  Obtained Ticket of Leave
51747 Neale Constable Michael - 1847 6 October Maitland MM
  Sworn in as constable in lieu of Benjamin Solomon
104907 Neale Constable Michael - 1832 4 September Maitland SG
  Had been a constable at Maitland for 18 months. Witness at the trial of Henry Denny
117671 Neale Constable Michael - 1839 1 May Maitland GG 1839
  Appointed Constable vice Willima Moore, resigned
181494 Neale Michael - 22 October 1825 Nelsons Plains/ Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
  Thomas Kelly, in government service, charged with absconding from his gang and committing a robbery at Nelsons Plains.. Michael Neale states - On Sunday the 2nd Kelly came to me at the Government Cottage of which I have charge at Nelsons Plains and stated he had three letters for Mr. Close and that Mr. Dixon had sent him with them and also that he was to be employed under m. On Monday morning I went over to Mr. Hickey s farm and during my absence Kelly went away. On my return I missed my blanket, jacket and trousers, hat and 3 lb sugar. Kelly must have taken these articles. The deposition of George Halloway taken at Wallis Plains on 15th inst. being also read over, the prisoner not making any defence he was sentenced to 50 lashes and to be sent to a penal settlement for two years
128350 Neale Michael Three Bees 1814 1836 - 37 Maitland GRC
  Ticket of leave holder age 43
66040 O'Neale (Neal) Michael Three Bees 1814 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
68553 O'Neil (O'Neale) Michael Three Bees 1814 1818 15 October Newcastle Convict Settlement
  Punished for plotting an escape from the settlement
108725 O'Neil (O'Neale) Michael Three Bees 1814 1815 8 July Newcastle CSI
  On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per "Lady Nelson"
108726 O'Neil (O'Neale) (O'Neile) Michael Three Bees 1814 May 1823 Newcastle State Records NSW Special Bundles, 1794-1825. Series 898, Reels 6020-6040, 6070; Fiche 3260-3312
  Sentenced to 50 lashes for passing conterfeit coin