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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
71741 Magarry (McGarry) Rose Edward 1829 1832 19 March Newcastle Application to marry
  Bond. Application to marry Thomas Dunne
155143 Magarry (McGarry) Rose Edward 1829 1829 August - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 672
  Age 21. Country servant from Longford. Tried at Mullingar 17 March 1828 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for house robbery. 4ft 9 in, freckled brown hair, light hazel eyes.
101537 Magarry (McGarry) (Dunn) Rose Edward 1829 1832 27 April Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle p.34
  Marriage of Thomas Dunn of Invermein to Rose Magarry of Newcastle
94020 McGarry (Magarry) Rose Edward 1829 1831 28 April Newcastle gaol NGE
  Servant from Westmeath. Sentenced to 3yrs in a penal settlement for riot at the female factory. Discharged to private service of Mr. Hillier by order of G. Brooks 21 September
107941 McGarry (Magarry) Rose Edward 1829 1831 October Newcastle NGE
  Servant. Admitted to Newcastle gaol. To be deprived of her hair and placed in the situation she was before her assignment being under sentence of transportation
132458 McGarry (Magarry) (Dunn) Rose Edward 1829 - Glennies Creek Singleton Pioneer Register p. 30
  Spouse Thomas Dunn. Issue Thomas b 1842. Died in 1879 and buried at Singleton