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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
14370 Marshall James - 1845 25 January Clarence River MM
  Insolvent. Drowned himself by securing stones to his feet.
15788 Marshall James - 1837 Williams River GRC
  Michael Nedley assigned servant
22984 Marshall James - 1837 Raymnd Terrace GRC
  Henry Barton assigned servant
27849 Marshall James - 1837 Raymond Terralce GRD
  Thomas Bloocher assigned servant
47110 Marshall James - 1831 15 October Williams River SG
  Ship builder at Williams river. Travelling about looking for timber. Witness in Court case Mossman v. Warren
79587 Marshall James - 1837 25 January Williams River GG 1837
  Assigned 1 convict errand boy
101217 Marshall James - 1833 24 August Williams River SG
  Signature on petition to Legislative Council by Hunter River district inhabitants regarding the 'Summary Punishment Bill'
101990 Marshall James - 1840 8 January County of Gloucester GG 1840
  Lease of school and parish estate due to expire
108439 Marshall James - 1836 4 May Williams River GG 1836
  Partnership between James Marshall and William Lowe of Williams River (shipbuilders) dissolved by mutual consent. All claims or debts to be sent to William Lowe. Witness W.L. Dowling
109439 Marshall James - 1837 Raymond Terrace GRC
  Thomas Evans per 'Hooghley' assigned servant
136346 Marshall James - 1836 11 February Patterson's Plains SH
  Signed address to John Wighton on the occasion of Wighton's resignation as Chairman of the Association for the suppression of Cattle Stealing
138559 Marshall James - 1837 Raymond Terrace GRC
  Joseph Woodward per 'Mary' assigned servant
138560 Marshall James - 1843 2 November Gloucester SMH
  On List of persons leasing Church and School Land. 100 acres