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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
47019 Coastal Trader 'Lord Liverpool' - - 1831 30 August Newcastle SG
  Captain Taggart
175972 Lord Liverpool - - 1 January 1826 Sydney to Newcastle The Present state of Australia: A Description of the Country,etc and the manners, customs and condition of its aboriginal inhabitants ...Robert Dawson
  Robert Dawson, Mr Harrington, John Armstrong and Henry Dangar took their passage from Sydney to Newcastle on the Lord Liverpool for the purpose of travelling to Port Stephens to examine the country in that area
167860 Lord Liverpool (vessel) - - 7 May 1825 Sydney - Newcastle Australian Reminiscences & Papers of L.E. Threlkeld. Edited by Niel Gunson
  Rev. Threlkeld, wife, son and another couple sailed from Sydney to Newcastle on the Lord Liverpool. The vessel obtained her lading sooner than usual and could not take all the passengers' luggage with her, part was to be brought in the Eclipse another vessel on the following day. They had a smooth passage and arrived at Newcastle on the following day, Sunday and took up their abode at the Inn
114686 Lord Liverpool vessel - - 1830 22 November - In the Service of the Company: letters of Sir Edward Parry, Commissioner to the Australian Agricultural company: volume 1, December 1829 - June 1832. Letter no 256
  Correspondence of the A.A. Company lost in the wreck of the Lord Liverpool
78056 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1824 9 December - SG
  Alexander Livingstone master. Coppered, copper fastened cutter established as a regular packet for passengers and goods between Sydney and Newcastle
78061 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1825 20 January Newcastle SG
  Conveying London Missionary deputation to Newcastle - Rev. D. Tyrman, George Bennett and Rev. Threlkeld
78083 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1825 24 July - Australian
  Sailed for Newcastle with 10 cabin and 22 steerage passengers
78469 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1827 20 June Newcastle Australian
  Manifest of cargo including coal from Lake Macquarie
78539 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1829 8 April - Australian
  Sailing for Calcutta
78561 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1829 29 December Broken Bay SG
  Ran aground at Broken Bay in rough weather. No damage sustained
78563 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1830 9 January - Australian
  Now owned by Messrs Rapsey and Mitchell and Alexander Livingstone and captained by William Powditch, Livingstone having 'retired'. Built entirely of British oak, coppered and copper fastened.
78591 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1830 26 March - Australian
  Captain Taggart taking over as Captain of the Lord Liverpool
78609 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1830 20 November Newcastle SG
  Almost wrecked at the entrance to Newcastle harbour after encountering bad weather. Passengers Mrs. Cobb, Mr. Hosking, Mr. Parker and Dr. Parmeter landed safely after a 'severe ducking'. 40 assigned servants landed on Nobbys Island
78620 Vessel Lord Liverpool - - 1830 26 November Newcastle Australian
  Aground on Nobbys for the second time