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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
58967 Lewis Mortimer - 1849 10 October - MM
  Edmund T. Blackett appointed Colonial Architect in place of Mortimer Lewis
84325 Lewis Mortimer - 1851 9 July Maitland MM
  Clerk of Works. Correspondence from William Nicholson, Isaac Gorrick, George Yeomans and Peter Green complaining of the treatment they received from Mr. Lewis on offering their advice on the state of the Wallis Creek Bridge during the floods
88170 Lewis Mortimer - 1840 3 June Newcastle CJ
  Colonial Architect. Designed Court House in Newcastle
93078 Lewis Mortimer - 1852 28 August Maitland MM
  Clerk of Works. Narrow escape after being aroused from sleep to find the pantry on fire. Assisted in putting out the fire by his Chinese servant Tom Sue
110520 Lewis Mortimer - 1844 17 February Maitland MM
  Colonial Architect. Assisted in laying the foundation stone of the Maitland gaol
110532 Lewis Mortimer - 1853 10 December Palmer St. Sydney MM
  Frederick George, brother of Mortimer Lewis of Newcastle died aged 31 in Sydney
110528 Lewis Mortimer Dunvegan Castle 1830 1830 1 April Sydney SG
  Of the Surveyor's Department. Passenger on the Dunvegan Castle from London via Hobart
110533 Lewis Mortimer Lewis - 1846 10 January Melbourne MM
  Eldest son of Colonial Architect Mortimer Lewis. To succed Mr. Rattenbury, Clerk of Works at Melbourne who had been dismissed
75579 Lewis Mortimer W - 1850 21 August East Maitland MM
  Selling household furniture, cart etc prior to departing from the district
59710 Lewis Mortimer William - 1849 14 November Sydney MM
  Gentleman. Colonial Architect. Insolvency proceedings
60081 Lewis Mortimer William - 1835 1 January - Colonial Secretary. Returns of the Colony
  Appointed Colonial Architect. Salary 600
86091 Lewis Mortimer William - 1851 4 October - MM
  Charged after his dog bit a girl named Jane Groves. Case dismissed by the bench as the girl was not in a public paddock and she had been impertinent to him
87898 Lewis Mortimer William - 1852 7 February Stockade, Maitland MM
  Wife gave birth to a daughter on 6th February at the Stockade
101805 Lewis Mortimer William - 1853 15 June Maitland MM
  Charged Tam Sui under the Masters & Servants Act
106574 Lewis Mortimer William - 1847 December Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Marriages p25
  Marriage of Mortimer William Lewis of East Maitland and Ellen Stacy. Witness J. Stacy
110518 Lewis Mortimer William - - Edgecombe House Newcastle 1820 to 1890 Family Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. See record 77 - 80
  Civil Officer. First wife Ellen Stacey. Second wife Wilhelmina Emma Robertson
122080 Lewis Mortimer William - 1843 10 November St. James Church Sydney SMH
  Colonial Architect of NSW. Marriage of only daughter Elizabeth to John de Courcy Bremer on 7th November
123642 Lewis Mortimer William - 1854 25 November Newcastle SMH
  Death of Lilla Frederica, infant daughter of Mortimer William Lewis junior on 22nd November aged 9 1/2 months
123701 Lewis Mortimer William - 1854 4 November Military Barracks, Newcastle SMH
  Florence Jane, second daughter of Mortimer William Lewis died of scarlet fever on 1st November
123719 Lewis Mortimer William - 1858 4 March Military Barracks Newcastle SMH
  Wife gave birth to a son 28th February
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