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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
44559 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 1841 15 February - SC. R v. Boyd
  80th Regiment. Archibald Boyd fined £40 for attempting to provoke a duel with Lettsom
60985 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 1839 16 July Maitland SG
  80 th Regiment. Appointed Assistance Engineer and Superintendent of iron gang
162875 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 5 October 1839 Maitland The Australian
  News from Maitland - Our roads are mending, and the gangs under the superintendence of Captain Lettsom are making rapid progress. Huts are being erected at the lower end of West Maitland to receive the iron gangs stationed at Anvil and Black Creek and the promise of Sir George Gipps, when here, is about to be accomplished. The town, at least will afford good roads. Mr. Grant is absent- his place efficiently supplied by Captain Lettsom, who has already become as notorious for the severity, as the former for the leniency of his sentences - free and bond, alike feel the influence. The cause of temperance well advocated by extracting two pounds in the morning for the five shillings spent over night. Men accustomed in the easy times to ride on the shaft of a bullock dray, now trudge along the road with the woeful recollections that two pounds is a dear ride, even in wet weather, and the roads knee deep. Unregistered dogs particularly cautious and hitherto nameless carts now hurriedly announce their owner a name in chalk
162876 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 4 December 1839 Maitland Sydney Monitor
  On Thursday Mr. Grant, P.M. and Captain Lettsom, J.P., sat on the Bench to distribute a number of the prisoners from the road department to settlers requiring them to assist in getting in the harvest which is very forward and is shedding for want of hands to get it in
162877 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 4 April 1840 Maitland The Australian
  On Wednesday an application was made to the Supreme Court by Mr Cheeke, for a rule calling upon Mr Archibald Boyd to show cause why a criminal information should not be filed against him for attempting to incite Captain Lettsom, of the 80th regiment, to commit a breach of the peace. The circumstances of the case, as detailed in the affidavit of Captain Lettsom, were as follows: — On the 5th of March, Captain Lettsom was riding through Maitland in company with Mr H. Garrard, when they met Mr A. Boyd of New England, who, stopped to converse with Mr Garrard: Captain Lettsom, who had never seen Mr Boyd before, thought it was Mr Sempill, and being near-sighted, admits that he might have looked rather hard at Mr Boyd, who said to him, ' I believe I have not the honour of your acquaintance — why do you! look at me in that way ? to which Captain Lettsom answered, that he had not looked at him particularly that he was aware-of; to which Mr Boyd replied, ' yes you did, and you always look at me that way ; and I won't be looked at.' To this Captain Lettsom replied that he was not ashamed of being looked at, and should look at anybody he pleased ; and if Mr Boyd did not like to be looked at, he had better shut himself up; upon which the parties separated. Shortly afterwards Captain Lettsom was waited upon by a Mr McLean the. friend of Mr Boyd, who requested an apology or satisfaction, to which Captain Lettsom replied, that he had nothing to apologise for, and most certainly would not fight, and referred Mr McLean for any further satisfaction to his friend Lieutenant Sayers, who was then at Newcastle, but was expected to return the next morning. The next day Mr Boyd wrote to Captain Lettsom saying, that he had waited twenty-four hours for Lieutenant Sayers, and could not be expected to wait any longer; and if he did not hear from some one on behalf of Capt Lettsom in half-an-hour, he would post him at his club in Sydney, and at Cox's and Cohen’s Hotels, Maitland. Not hearing from Captain Lettsom, Mr Boyd then published the following placard, which he affixed to several several public places in Maitland:— I Archibald Boyd, of the Australian Club, Svdney, and of New England, do here by post Captain Lettsom, H.M. 80th regiment and commanding the depot at Maitland a coward and no gentleman.' The affidavit of Mr Garrard corroborated Captain Lettsom's, except that he observed Captain Lettsom and Mr Boyd ' looking very hard at each other.' the rule was granted and the Chief Justice said he hoped some discreet friend would cause Mr Bovd to set himself right before the next term
162880 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 24 October 1840 Melbourne The Colonist
  Of the Mounted Police. Involved in the apprehension of several notorious characters from the encampment on the Heidelberg Road, three miles from Melbourne
162882 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 13 June 1840 Maitland The Australian
  A match for 50 pounds between Captain Lettsom's and Mr. Stein's horses took place at the Maitland Hurdle Races, ridden by their owners. This afforded a fine specimen of riding; the horses were close together all the way, but Mr. Stein's superior riding won him the race
162883 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 1837 - A List of the Officers of the Army
  80th regiment of Foot (or Staffordshire Volunteers). The Sphinx with the word 'Egypt'Date of seniority in regiment 4 October 1833.
162886 Lettsom Captain Samuel - 17 January 1840 - The United Service Journal
  80th regiment. Captain Samuel Lettsom to be Major, by purchase vice Christie who retires
162874 Lettsom Captain Samuel Theresa 1839 1 February 1839 Sydney SH
  Officer of the Guard on the convict ship Theresa
162885 Lettsom Lieutenant Samuel - 1833 - The Court Journal etc., (Google Books)
  80th regiment of Foot. Lieut. Samuel Lettsom to be Captain by purchase vice Haggerstone who retires.
41125 Lettsom Major Samuel - 1840 June Maitland SC
  80th Regiment. In command of detachment stationed in Maitland. Charged Archibald Boyd of sending a challenge to fight a duel
162881 Lettsom Major Samuel - 24 October 1840 - The Australian
  Passenger on the barque Himalaya from Port Philip to Sydney
162884 Lettsom Major Samuel - 1842 - The National Archives A2A Catalogue
  Samuel Lettsom of Parramatta NSW, late Major of H.M. 80th regiment of foot to Trustees of Trust Deed 9th March 1830 of the late Sir William Garrow and other papers
162889 Lettsom Major Samuel - 16 January 1851 - The Gentleman's Magazine
  Late of H.M. 80th Regiment. Died aged 43
44558 Lettsom Samuel - 1839 Green Hills Returns of the Colony. Colonial Secretary
  Assistant Engineer and Superintendent of iron gang
162887 Lettsom Samuel - 9 January 1833 Saint Peter, Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire, England Family Search IGI Marriages
  Marriage of Samuel Lettsom to Mary Ormrod
162888 Lettsom Samuel - 25 January 1814 England International Autograph Auctions. 2 April 1811
  GARROW WILLIAM: (1760-1840) British Barrister, Attorney General 1813-17. Garrow indirectly reformed the advocacy system and introduced the phrase 'innocent until proven guilty'. A.L.S., W Garrow, two pages, 4to, Great George Street, 25th January 1814, to Mrs. Leyson. Garrow thanks his correspondent for her kind enquiries and comments 'poor little Samuel was somewhat better but he is most amazingly reduced and if it shall please God to spare him to us it will be very long before he recovers himself', further reporting on the weather 'the snow in some parts of the Road from Canterbury is 16 feet deep in the roads and quite impassable for carriages - such a season has not been known in the Isle of Thanet for 30 years.' In a postscript Garrow writes 'The Park Guns are now firing for Peace with Denmark'. Slight traces of former mounting to the right edge of the second page, not affecting the text, otherwise VG Garrow would appear to refer to his grandson, Samuel Lettsom (1809-1851), son of Eliza Sophia Garrow and her husband Samuel Fothergill Letsom.