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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
46958 Lang Rev Dr. & Mrs Stirling Castle 1831 1831 15 October Sydney SG
  Arrived from Greenock and Cape of Good Hope
95623 Lang Rev. Dr. - 1852 23 October Australian College Buildings MM
  Death of Wilhelmina, infant daughter of Rev. Dr. Lang on 16th instant
102356 Lang Rev. Dr. - 1839 8 January Sydney SG
  Intending to depart for London on the Roslin Castle following week
124195 Lang Rev. Dr. - 1859 12 March - SMH
  Marriage of Edward Hill, a native of Co. Antrim, Ireland and Margaret, daughter of Robert Kirkaldy, Newcastle, a native of Fifeshire, Scotland on 12 February. Officiating minister Rev. Dr. Lang
124406 Lang Rev. Dr. - 1859 24 June Scots Church SMH
  Marriage of Thomas Hales of Muswellbrook, a native of Shropshire, England and Mary Bashford Ogle, sixth daughter of Ralph Ogle of Dublin on 21st June. Minister Rev. Dr. Lang
137850 Lang Rev. Dr. - 1859 5 March - SMH
  Marriage of William Spears, son of Mr. William Spears, of Kent Street, Sydney butcher (both father and son natives of the colony), to Mary Anne Twible, daughter of Mr. William Twible, settler of Mcdonald river, Hawkesbury district (also a native of the colony) on Monday 28th February 1859. Minister Rev. Dr. Lang
146903 Lang Rev. Dr. - 1830 Sydney AO NSW Convict Indents. Fiche No. 674
  James Edgeley per 'Katherine Stewart Forbes' assigned servant
124403 Lang Rev. Dr. J.D - 1846 8 May - SMH
  Marriage of Robert Beames of Muswellbrook and Miss Mary Ann Hartley of Prince Street, Sydney on 6th May. Minister Rev. Dr. Lang
147486 Lang Rev. Dr. J.D - 1832 22 November Williams River SH
  Marriage of Thomas Bartie Esq., to Miss Helen Warren of Williams River on 12th November 1832. Minister Rev. Dr. Lan
147498 Lang Rev. Dr. J.D - 1827 3 April - The Australian
  Marriage of Richard Lang and Mary Ann Skinner. Minister Rev. Dr. J.D. Lang
111902 Lang Rev. Dr. J.D Medway 1826 1826 9 January Sydney SG
  Passenger on the Medway from Hobart to Sydney
6026 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1836 28 March - Threlkeld v Dunmore Lang - SC
  Published articles in the 'Colonist' stating that Missionary Thelkeld had used London Missionary funds unwisely
12736 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1844 7 September - MM
  Gave subscription for survey of the Hunter River
22476 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1846 4 July - MM
  Travelling to London with wife, daughter and three sons on barque 'Triad'
31976 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1847 29 May - MM
  Wife gave birth to a son on the barque 'Triad' on the voyage to England
46889 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1847 3 November - MM
  Letterfrom Dr. Lang to Sydney Herald that climate would not permit him to keep his children in England another winter
50288 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1849 3 January - MM
  To remain in England for another year. Agitating for the districts to the north of Clarence River to be a separate colony called 'Cooksland'
51061 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1849 7 February Scotland MM
  Inherited the proprietorship of valuable farm of 300 acres in Stirlingshire
57263 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1849 15 August - MM
  Emigrant from the 'Cooksland' colonization scheme complaining of treatment
57314 Lang Rev. Dr. John Dunmore - 1847 10 November - MM
  Letter regarding cotton growing at Moreton Bay and the advantages such as demise of slavery in America
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