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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
61650 Keys Constable Charles - 1829 19 August Brisbane Water Gosford and the Kendall Country. p15
  Drowned on 19 August when his boat upset
174754 Keys Constable Charles - 16 November 1827 Sydney SG
  Charles Keys and Patrick Sheridan, the former a constable and scourger at the barracks, the latter a shoemaker were accused of being absent without leave. Keys was found in a state of intoxication and was sentenced by Colonel Morisset to 2 months in an iron gang and Sheridan 7 days on the tread mill
63920 Keys (Kay) Constable Charles Shipley 1822 1829 10 January Brisbane Waters SG
  Appointed constable, scourger and poundkeeper in room of James Waddell