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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
92009 Kenrick Atwell - 1863 Newcastle Australian Almanac
144251 Kenrick Atwell - 1855 10 May Newcastle SMH
  On List of Subscribers to the Patriotic Fund
174395 Kenrick Atwell - 1855 Freehold. Address - near A.A. Co pits NMH
  On a list of electors in the police district of Newcastle who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland in 1855. Printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald 18 October 1911
144269 Kenrick Atwell (Atwill) - 1855 28 April Newcastle MM
  Assistant Superintendent A.A. company's Colliery. Calling for tenders for 3 rail fencing along A.A. Co railroad
144249 Kenrick Atwell and Hannah Euphemia - 1857 2 March Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms. p.64
  Gentleman. Baptism of daughter Charlotte
121125 Kenrick Atwill (Atwell) - 1864 Newcastle Australian Almanac
  Justice of the Peace
123702 Kenrick Atwill (Atwell) - 1854 4 September St. James Church, Sydney SMH
  Marriage of Atwill Kenrick to Hannah Euphemia, eldest daughter of the late George Brooks of Newcastle on 2nd September. Officiating minister Archdeacon Cowper
144265 Kenrick Atwill (Atwell) - 1858 27 April Newcastle MM
  Appointed shipping master for the port of Newcastle
144267 Kenrick Atwill (Atwell) - 1907 5 August Pretoria, Burwood road, Homebush SMH
  Died on 4th August aged 92
123667 Kenrick Mrs. Atwill (Atwell) - 1855 15 September Newcastle SMH
  Gave birth to a daughter on 11th September
144268 Kenrick Mrs. Atwill (Atwell) - 1865 21 March - SMH
  Gave birth to a son on 27th February 1865