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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
167214 Keane Michael Seaflower 1820 December 1821 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers, State Records of New South Wales. Special Bundles
  Sentenced to 50 lashes for refusing to do his government work and breaking the bar
167868 Keane Michael Seaflower 1820 August 1821 Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Papers. New South Wales Government. Special Bundles, 1794-1825. Series 898, Reel 6023
  Sentenced to 50 lashes for refusing his government work and making away with his slop clothing
170207 Keane Michael Seaflower 1820 April 1821 Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Papers. NRS 898 Special Bundles, Ancestry
  Sentenced to 50 lashes for absenting himself from the limeburners and refusing to do his work
168044 Keane (Kain) Michael Seaflower 1820 1826 - -
  Michael Keane a letter to the newspapers in 1826 describing his experiences as a soldier and convict. Select http://www.jenwilletts.com/Convict%20Botany%20Bay%20Hero.htm to read the letter
169719 Keaney Michael Mariner 1827 1827 - State Archives of NSW. Bound indents Microfiche 664. Ancestry
  Age 27. Farmer's labourer from Co. Clare. Sentenced to transportation for life for horse stealing. Assigned to Donald McIntyre on arrival