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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
85360 Hawthorne Samuel - 1851 20 August Piercefield near Merton MM
  Advertising draught stallion 'Young North Briton' bred by P. Dawe of Muswellbrook.
88324 Hawthorne Samuel - 1852 14 February near Merton MM
  Advertising a horse and yellow dog found in his paddocks at Piercefield
92702 Hawthorne Samuel - 1852 4 August Piercefield MM
  Advertising filly found straying on his farm
96816 Hawthorne Samuel - 1852 29 December By two horse mail cart from and to Merton and Muswellbrook twice a week MM
  Won contract to provide mail service
98653 Hawthorne Samuel - 1853 19 March Piercefield, Merton MM
  Giving notice that if John Jones did not pay expenses due against his working bullock, the bullock would be sold
99649 Hawthorne Samuel - 1853 27 April Piercefield, Merton MM
  Advertising stock found straying on his land
105545 Hawthorne Samuel - 1854 4 January Piercefield, Merton MM
  Advertising brown mare found straying on his property
132929 Hawthorne Samuel - 1856 5 January - SMH
  On List of Electors of the Counties of Northumberland and Hunter supporting Alexander Walker Scott as a candidate in the approaching general election
132667 Hawthorne Samuel Royal Consort 1840 - Jerrys Plains Singleton Pioneer Register p. 42
  Born c. 1811 Newtown, Ards, Ireland son of Bryce and Mary Hawthorne. Occupation Road Superintendent. Spouse Margaret Meharg. See Pioneer Register for details of descendants
154425 Hawthorne Samuel & William John - 1859 8 January Stormont, Glendon MM
  Offering 50 pound reward for apprehension of person who shot at William John Hawthorne in the early hours of the morning during an attempted robbery
82882 Horne Chief Constable Samuel - 1851 9 April Maitland MM
  Witness at the trial of George Jones
51391 Horne Chief Constable Samuel H - 1849 17 February Glendon MM
  Witness in the trial of John Hearn
58991 Horne Chief Constable Samuel H - 1849 10 October Singleton MM
  Apprehended Robert Lamb at a hut near Rosemount
60689 Horne Chief Constable Samuel H - 1839 7 May Patrick Plains SG
  Appointed Chief Constable in room of William Cooke who resigned
81088 Horne Chief Constable Samuel H - 1851 8 January Singleton MM
  Character witness for John Burgess
81200 Horne Chief Constable Samuel H - 1851 11 January - MM
  Witness at trial of Lawrence Kenny
82393 Horne Chief constable Samuel H - 1851 5 March Singleton MM
  Witness in court for Thomas Nichols
82397 Horne Chief Constable Samuel H - 1851 5 March Singleton MM
  Witness at trial of James Butler
51933 Horne Chief constable Samuel Henry - 1849 21 March Singleton MM
  Witness at the trial of Catherine Carter
56242 Horne Chief Constable Samuel Henry - 1850 Patrick Plains Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary (Blue Books)
  Chief Constable
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