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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
77365 Hogg Samuel - 1810 30 January Newcastle CSL 6042;9/2736,pp.44-6,
  Absconded from Newcastle settlement with William Johnstone
49409 Hogg Samuel Fortune 1806 1810 23 January Newcastle CSI
  Reported to be a fugitive from Newcastle
49410 Hogg Samuel Fortune 1806 1810 25 July Newcastle CSI
  Returning to Newcastle in irons
49411 Hogg Samuel Fortune 1806 1811 May Newcastle CSI
  On monthly returns of prisoners punished at Newcastle
49412 Hogg Samuel Fortune 1806 1814 January Newcastle CSI
  Drowned in the Hunter River
166949 Hogg Samuel Fortune 1806 14 April 1804 Lancaster The York Herald
  Samuel Hogg and James Hargreaves for stealing 15 pieces of calico out of a waggon to be transported for seven years
169424 Hogg Samuel Fortune 1806 14 Jly 1810 - SG
  At a Bench of Magistrates an investigation took place relative to the escape of three prisoners who lately went from on board the Lady Nelson in which they were to have been removed to Kings Town. When upon the examination of the master and seamen it did not appear that the fugitives were assisted by any person belonging to the vessel in their said escape; but that they had taken advantage of the deck being cleared of the people while at dinner, to make away the boat. Two out of the three namely Hogg and Tobin have since surrendered themselves but Ratty is still out of custody