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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
62379 Grimshaw Benjamin - 1821 5 May - SG
  To receive grant of land
46068 Grimshaw Benjamin Indian 1810 1810 29 December Newcastle CSI
  Sent to Newcastle
61894 Grimshaw Benjamin Indian 1810 1809 21 June - CI
  Court Martial on board the Agincourt. Sentenced to transportation for life
169421 Grimshaw Benjamin Indian 1810 January 1811 - Colonial Secretary Correspondence Image No: (NRS 936) Copies of letters sent to Van Diemenīs Land, Newcastle and Norfolk Island, 1810-1813 (Ancestry)
  Benjamin Grimshaw and several other prisoners from the Indian to be sent to Newcastle but no harsh punishment to be given to him
178549 Grimshaw Benjamin Indian 1810 14 September 1809 Retribution hulk, Woolwich UK Prison Hulk records. Ancestry
  Benjamin Grimshaw age 32 and John Scott age 21 admitted to the Retribution hulk having been court-martialed on the Agincourt M.W. 21 June 1809 for a breach of the articles of war. They were embarked on the Indian convict ship on 22nd June 1810 for transportation to NSW