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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
10446 Griffiths Richard - 1841 Newcastle District 1841 Census Index
  King Street, Newcastle 5
18188 Griffiths Richard - 1845 16 August East Maitland MM
  Medical attendant at stockade
41970 Griffiths Richard - 1848 17 June - MM
  Employed apprentice William Stanham
44881 Griffiths Richard - 1848 30 August Maitland MM
  Charged his apprentice William Staunton with disobedience and misconduct after he refused to chop wood and played cricket instead
55809 Griffiths Richard - 1849 9 June - MM
  Requesting a public meeting to discuss petitioning for a bridge over Wallis Creek
57002 Griffiths Richard - 1849 28 July West Maitland MM
  Mary Cox daughter of William and Rebecca Cox ( both deceased), died at residence of Griffiths
73199 Griffiths Richard - 1850 20 March Maitland MM
  Shoemaker. Apprentice William Stanton sentenced to 48 hrs solitary confinement for disobeying his master's orders
75967 Griffiths Richard - 1850 17 July Maitland MM
  Apprentice William Stanton sentenced to 3 days solitary on bread and water after being found guilty of neglecting his work and behaving in an offensive manner to Griffiths
76083 Griffiths Richard - 1850 24 July Singleton MM
  Correspondence correcting the wage he paid his apprentice
90222 Griffiths Richard - 1852 2 June Collected in West Maitland MM
  Subscribed to Testimonial for E.C. Close
94174 Griffiths Richard - 1852 1 September West Maitland MM
  of the 'Golden Boot'. Moving his store to the premises lately in possession of Mr. Rosseter and known as the Maitland Hotel where he was to carry on his bootmaker business
95902 Griffiths Richard - 1852 3 November Newcastle MM
  Notice of Unclaimed letter in Post Office Sydney