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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
6133 Finch Heneage - 1832 Laguna 1832 Directory N.S.W.
  Surveyor on 'The Great North Road'.
31167 Finch Heneage - 1828 Laguna, Luskintyre 1828 Census
  Charles Bonnell per Asia assigned servant
31168 Finch Heneage - 1850 25 September Hoxton Park near Liverpool MM
  Died 19th September at his property near Liverpool after being gored by a bull. Formerly of Christ Church, Oxford, second son of late Hon. E. Finch, Vice Admiral, R.N
42690 Finch Heneage - 1828 Luskintyre 1828 Census
  William Smith per 'Eliza' assigned servant
43067 Finch Heneage - 1838 21 April - SG
  Surveyor. Servants were left with tents and were attacked by natives and killed
58390 Finch Heneage - 1828 Laguna 1828 Census
  Elizabeth Judd per 'Louisa', assigned servant
58483 Finch Heneage - 1835 30 May Northumberland SG
  Title deeds issued for grant of land without purchase. 1000 acres
64920 Finch Heneage - 1832 15 March - SG
  Two men from Finch's party murdered by blacks (Major Mitchell's expedition in search of northern river)
68332 Finch Heneage - 1828 Luskintyre 1828 Census
  James Richards per 'Elizabeth' employed as overseer
68344 Finch Heneage - 1828 Luskintyre 1828 Census
  John Richardson per 'Surry' assigned servant
69133 Finch Heneage - 1832 18 July Wollombi 1832 GG
  Mary Taylor per 'Earl of Liverpool' assigned servant
78125 Finch Heneage - 1826 5 January Newcastle Australian
  Government surveyor. Arrived at Newcastle on 23 December overland from Sydney by crossing the Hawkesbury river at Wiseman's Farm.
78961 Finch Heneage - 1850 23 September Hoxton Park, near Liverpool SMH
  On Thursday, 19th September, 1850, at his residence, Hoxton Park, near Liverpool, in consequence of injuries received from a fierce bull, Heneage Finch, Esq., M.A., formerly o fChrist Church, Oxford, second son of the late Honorable E. Finch, Vice-Admiral, R.N.- Mr. Finch survived the attack of the infuriated animal only a few hours, which were necessarily those of extreme suffering, in the midst of which, however, he preserved his serenity of mind, and with his characteristic benevolence exerted his best efforts in endeavouring to compose the feelings of his surrounding domestics. His remains were interred at Liver-pool, on the 21st instant, attended by his old colonial friends, the Reverend F. Wilkinson,M.A., John Dillon, Esq., and Lieutenant R. Sadleir, R.N.
94057 Finch Heneage - 1834 2 July at Wollombi, called Laguna; bounded on the North partly by Laugham's 100 acres GG 1834
  Claim to grant of land - 1000 acres promised by Gov. Brisbane 19th November 1825
162266 Finch Heneage - 3 February 1825 - SG
  Government and General Order. Secretarv's Office, 2d February, 1825. THE Right Honourable Earl Bathurst, having been pleased to appoint Mr Heneage Finch, an Assistant to the Surveyor General, he will report himself to John Oxley, Esq. as ready to enter upon the Duties of his Office. By His Excellency's Command, F. Goulburn, Colonial Secretary
162270 Finch Heneage - 13 November 1839 - SH
  INTERIOR DISCOVERY. All intelligence upon this subject must be interesting to the Colonists. It will, therefore, be gratifying to them to hear that Mr. Heneage Finch, formerly attached to the Surveying Department, has proved the practicability of forming a road from the Big River to New England and the Table Land, in the northern districts. Mr. Finch, who has performed this journey with one companion and two mules, states the perfect practicability o f forming a road from the M cLeay to the Big River, and thence to the Table Land .Several months ago an expedition was sent forth under the direction of the Deputy Surveyor General, consisting of a large party, properly equipped, but no information has been published. All the rivers which appeared likely to lead to the south branch of the Clarence or Big River were explored by Mr. Finch- he followed down the only practicable one, and states that there exists a facility of making a road, either by it, or along the ridge on the north side of it, to reach the Table Land. The settlers in the neighbourhood of New England are using every exertion to prevail upon the Government to construct a road, so as to avoid the tedious and perilous journey by the way of Maitland. What Government should do is to send about thirty men to open a road in time for the ensuing wool season. More of this Colony has been opened up by individual enterprise than Government exertion. Let the Government, however, hold out inducements to private enterprise, and we have no doubt that very beneficial results will be the consequence. No man will undertake public matters at his own proper costs and charges . but we believe that, with fair encouragement, Mr. Finch has the ability to open a good line of road which would greatly benefit the extensive districts of Liverpool Plains and New England.
48085 Finch Henege - 1828 Laguna 1828 Census
  John Evans per 'Eliza', labourer, assigned servant
146165 Finch Henry - 1866 15 May Newcastle MM
  Discharged from Court after being charged with shooting with intent to kill Walter Keppie
146170 Finch Henry - 1869 24 July Newcastle MM
  Publican of the Market Wharf Inn. Established the Samaritan Fund for the purpose of affording temporary relief to indigent cured patients on their discharge from the hospital
105169 Finch Henry & Elizabeth Gowan - - Newcastle 1820 to 1890 Family Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle, Record 5-8
  Family details
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