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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
93727 Ferguson Ann Asia 1830 1831 30 March Dalwood NGE
  Servant from Dorchester. Sentenced to 4 days solitary confinement by Dalwood bench and to be returned to the female factory, Parramatta. Discharged to the private service of Mr. Dixson at Newcastle by order of the Bench 22 April.
107949 Ferguson Ann Asia 1830 1831 24 October Newcastle NGE
  Servant from Devonshire. Admitted to Newcastle gaol under sentence of 3mths in the female factory Parramatta for robbing her master Mr. Dixon of Newcastle. Sent to Sydney 26 October
132103 Furgusson (Ferguson) Ann Asia 1830 1830 - AO NSW Convict Indents. Fiche 674
  Age 20. Native Place Dorchester. Sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing a watch from her master. Tried in Kildare 30 March 1829. Assigned to the Attorney General on arrival