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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
42936 'Estate of 'Recovery' - - 1838 13 March Lake Macquarie SG
  Estate at Lake Macquarie opposite Threlkelds Missionary establishment. To be sold
176176 Abbey Green Estate - - 2 August 1879 Singleton Town and Country Journal
  Mr. George Loder has at Abbey Green a remarkably fine property, of ten thousand acres, in -which there is only a very small portion that isnt really (rood land; and taking it as a whole, its about as grand a piece of fattening country as ono would wish to see, albeit quite different to the wonderful flats lower down the river, near to Morpeth and thereabouts. My host, who likes his friends to enjoy themselves well, drove me about during the forenoon to see a sample of his Mr. Loder has not gone in for great house building, though the excellence of his property would quite justify a large expenditure in that direction; but he doubtless thinks his present comfortable quarters quite good enough for a country residence, and that when that ceases to be the case, he can remove nearer the metropolis. This is doubtless a very plain common sense view of the case ; but after all, Abbey Green is, for so many reasons, a desirable place to live, that I should be sorry to leave it for a house among the fashionable suburbs of Syd
142027 Albion Farm Estate - - 1865 13 July Paterson River MM
  100 acres of the Albion Farm Estate reduced to swamp for want of drainage
97957 Allman (Overton estate) Captain - 1853 26 February near Muswellbrook MM
  Overton estate owned by John Leeming in 1853
47700 Arden Hall Estate - - 1845 11 January - MM
  12 miles from Scone. 15 miles from Aberdeen. 960 acres with family mansion of brick. 7 rooms, pantry, store room, huts, stockyard, blacksmiths etc on the Hunter River. To be sold
166530 Ash Island Estate - - 4 July 1863 near Newcastle SMH
  Ash Island estate offered for sale. 2841 acres with many miles river frontage to the Hunter River . Homestead, with gardens, orangery, extensive cultivation, grass and other lands and a large number of farms, many of which are enclosed, cleared and have convenient buildings on them. Recently surveyed and subdivided and will be sold in farms to suit all classes of purchasers
122096 Auchentorlie Estate - - 1842 21 November Dungog SMH
  Residence of the Police Magistrate, Mr. Cook
140804 Belltrees Estate - - 1887 29 September Upper Hunter MM
  Mrs. Francis White (who formerly resided at Belltrees, before moving to Edinglassie), laid the foundation stone of a Church of England place of worship. Assisted by Mrs. Henry White
140805 Belltrees Estate - - 1841 13 September Upper Hunter SH
  Mrs. Dow gave birth to a daughter at Belltrees
140806 Belltrees Estate - - 1840 14 September Upper Hunter SH
  Bushrangers in the vicinity of Belltrees. The Police Magistrate called a meeting at the Court House at Scone to discuss measures to extirpate them to render it unnecessary for the Governor to recall assigned servant as previously happened at Carcoar
140808 Belltrees Estate - - 1846 19 September Upper Hunter MM
  Thomas O'Brien employed as overseer by Mr. Wentworth at Belltrees
140809 Belltrees Estate - - 1845 15 May Upper Hunter SMH
  10,375 acres of land. Offered for sale
140810 Belltrees Estate - - 1845 3 May Upper Hunter SMH
  For sale. 10,375 acres including the estates of Huntinglen, Robertsland, Allieston, Third Park, Abberfoil, Pinkey and Belltrees proper
140812 Belltrees Estate - - 1853 25 June Upper Hunter MM
  Mr. White of Belltrees obtained sample of gold at Stewart's Brook near Belltrees
165015 Bickham Estate - - 1 July 1839 Pages River SH
  Lieutenant John Johnson Cory of Bickham died in Sydney on 26 June 1839
165016 Bickham Estate - - 6 December 1839 Pages River SH
  Gill & White of Pages River offering reward for return of horse missing from Bickham
49587 Bolwarra Estate - - 1845 5 July Hunter river MM
  2000 acres forsale by instructions of Mortgagees. Mansion, splendid gardens and grounds.
65073 Bolwarra Estate - - 1833 28 March - SH
  For sale. 2000 acres 1 mile from Maitland
142031 Bolwarra Estate - - 1885 12 September - MM
  Sale of Bolwarra Estate
68785 Bowthorn Estate - - 1844 19 October - The Bee
  2000 acres situated at junction of Hunter & Paterson Rivers 3 miles from Maitland. Homestead 10 room house. 8 room brick built cottage known as Hopewell cottage also on the estate
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