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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
102501 Dempsey Island - - 1844 2 November near Newcastle MM
  Allotments of land for sale
168097 Dempsey Island - - 23 June 1849 Newcastle MM
  Martin Richardson Growing cotton on Dempsey's Island from seed brough from America by Dr. Harrington
168098 Dempsey Island - - 8 January 1851 Newcastle MM
  Patrick Hickey and Francis Hughes apprehended at Dempsey Island by Constable John Moses Murphy
168099 Dempsey Island - - 23 April 1850 Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Burials p20
  John Baker, settler, died aged 80 at Dempsey Island
168100 Dempsey Island - - 8 October 1837 Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p30
  Baptism of Caroline Baker, daughter of John Baker, market gardener of Dempsey Island
168104 Dempsey Island - - 29 October 1844 Newcastle SMH
  Sale of allotments on Dempsey Island
168107 Dempsey Island - - 4 November 1854 Newcastle MM
  Small farm delightfully situated on Dempsey Island containing 16 acres of rich alluvial soil offered for sale. Well adapted for a Market Garden being only a short distance from the commercial and prosperous city of Newcastle etc
168109 Dempsey Island - - 18 July 1855 Newcastle Empire
  Louisa Pullen residing on Dempsey Island
168110 Dempsey Island - - 24 March 1870 Newcastle MM
  Dempsey Island flooded to a greater extent than the oldest inhabitants had seen it
168112 Dempsey Island - - 29 July 1871 Newcastle MM
  A child of three years of age belonging to Mr. Eggleston of Dempsey Island fatally burned
168113 Dempsey Island - - 19 August 1871 Newcastle Australian Town and Country Journal
  Members of the Half holiday Association proceeded up the river as far as Dempsey Island where they landed and enjoyed themselves for the rest of the afternoon. Tea was provided in one of the gardens situated there and various sports were indulged in till dusk compellsed the pleasure seekers to return
168116 Dempsey Island - - 12 May 1860 Newcastle MM
  At Dempsey Island on 8th May in her 40th year, Mrs. Luisa Clark widow of Adam Clark, drowned near Newcastle on the 28th April leaving 8 children to deplore their loss
168117 Dempsey Island - - 12 May 1860 Newcastle MM
  On 9th May at Dempsey Island by Rev. W. Chaucer, Mr. George James Fraiser to Miss Louisa Clark both of Newcastle
168114 Dempsey Island (environment) - - 18 September 1871 Newcastle Empire
  On Thursday last a black snake, measuring four feet nine inches in length, and five inches in girth was brought to the Newcastle Chronicle office by Mr. Eggleston of Dempsey Island. Mr. Eggleston has given the following account of its capture. On Wednesday evening last while working in his garden he saw the reptile gliding along the ground. A wiry haired dog was with him and this he set at the snake which by this time had retreated into a hole, leaving about a foot of his tail exposed. This the doge seized and dragging out his snakeship, commenced a most savage attack onhim. The encounter lasted says our informant, fully twnety minutes when the dog apparently being about to get the worst of it Mr. Eggleston took up a stick intending to despatch the snake. This this dog objecting to seized the snake in his mouth and made off with it hammering its head on the ground as it went till in the end he illed it. The dog was bitten several times during the fight but his rough coat protecting him, he suffered no ill effects
168111 Dempsey Island Salt Works (Manufacturning) - - 31 December 1870 Newcastle MM
  The Dempsey Island Salt Works in a forward state. The proprietor, Mr. Dixon being desirous of commencing operations as soon as possible
168106 Dempsey Island, Moscheto Island, Spit Island - - 21 January 1854 Newcastle MM
  Sale of Crown Land at Moscheto, Dempsey and Spit Islands - purchasers - Lister, Fisher, Captain Pattison, Captain Lodge, Jordan, Read, Tully, W.H. Whyte and M. Magney