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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
77111 Davoran (Davoren) Laurence (Lawrence) Boddington 1793 1797 - Collins
  Irish attorney. Found guilty of uttering a forged bill and sentenced to death. Sentence commuted to transportation to Norfolk Island for life. Later sent to Newcastle
77364 Davoran (Davoren) Lawrence - 1810 30 January Newcastle CSL 6042;9/2736,pp.44-6,
  Returning to Sydney on the 'Speedwell'. Had been transported at Sydney in 1806 for 14 yrs, sent to Newcastle by Bligh; permitted to return to Sydney by Major Johnstone and sent back again for improper behaviour
108529 Davoran (Davoren) Lawrence - 1813 4 September Sydney SG
  For behaviour highly indecorous and disrespectful towards the Court, in putting into the hands of a prisoner a paper of a scandalous and libellous tendency for the purpose of its being publicly read in Court was for such contempt sentenced to be imprisoned in Parramatta gaol for 1 month
71855 Davoran (Davoren) Lawrence Boddingtons 1793 1806 28 September Newcastle SG
  Found guilty of stealing promissory notes and sentenced to 14 years at Coal River
71856 Davoran (Davoren) Lawrence Boddingtons 1793 1814 - Boddingtons
  Gained his pardon and probably departed the colony.
71857 Davoran (Davoren) Lawrence Boddingtons 1793 1808 ?Newcastle Mackaness
  Wrote 'A New Song Made in New South Wales Made on the Rebellion'
38315 Davoren (Davoran) Lawrence Boddingtons 1793 1810 23 January Newcastle CSI
  Prisoner at Newcastle. Transferred from Newcastle to Sydney
38316 Davoren (Davoran) Lawrence Boddingtons 1793 1810 3 February Newcastle CSI
  Sent back to Newcastle from Sydney