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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
174876 Craggs Jane Kains 1831 28 January 1830 Newcastle UK Local records By John Sykes, John Sykes (of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.)
  Between ten and eleven oclock at night a most destructive fire broke out in the extensive coach-manufactory of Mr. J. L. Angas, in Angas Court, Bigg Market, Newcastle, which entirely destroyed the same, with the greatest part of the contents even before the fire engines could arrive. The fire, which was first seen to issue from above Mr. Angas counting-house, was not got under till near four oclock on the following morning (Friday). The fire soon extended to the houses in the court on the side of St. John s Lane, and three of them to the bare walls were destroyed, and also several workshops in the Fighting Cocks yard on the opposite side of the court. The immense floor-cloth manufactory of Mr. Hardcastle, which towered above the houses on the west side of St. Johns Lane, also soon caught fire in the roof........ A conflagration so direful in its consequences, had, it was supposed, never before occurred in Newcastle. The lofty and beautiful steeple of St. Nicholas church being illuminated by the flames, had a most enchanting appearance. There was a subscription for the poor sufferers by this fire. As there had been such dreadful plundering during this calamity, the houses of various suspicious characters were afterwards searched, and several of the purloined goods were found. At the Spring Assizes, in March, Elizabeth Smith, aged 29 years, Jane Craggs, and Richard Beecher, aged 21 years, were each sentenced to be transported for 14 years, for stealing bedding, clothes, &c., at this fire.
174847 Craggs (alias Brookes) Jane Kains 1831 1831 - State Archives NSW. Convict Indents. microfiche 678
  Age 24. Married, Native of Durham. Occupation allwork in a public house. Tried at Newcastle 14 January 1830 and sentenced to 14 years transportation for pledging cloth. Assigned to William Ogilvie on arrival.
131303 Craggs (alias Bucher) (?Beecher) Jane Kains 1831 1837 12 April Port Stephens GG
  Granted Ticket of Leave