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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
162790 Corner Ellen and William - 13 November 1886 Sussex House, Paterson MM
  Death on 4th November of Ellen, wife of William Corner. Aged 51 years
13036 Corner William - 1844 12 October Paterson MM
  2 bullocks stolen from him by Patrick Kelly
18998 Corner William - 1845 8 November Paterson MM
  Offering reward for strayed bullock
25843 Corner William - 1846 21 November Paterson MM
  Requesting a public meeting to petition against re-introduction of transportation
26676 Corner William - 1847 6 February Newcastle MM
  Member of Oddfellows. Gave address to Governor Sir Charles Fitzroy on his visit to Newcastle
45671 Corner William - 1846 2 December Newcastle MM
  Present at a meeting to discuss the proposed renewal of transportation
50873 Corner William - 1849 24 January Upper Paterson MM
  Selling by auction at the Gresford pound, 120 head of cattle
52121 Corner William - 1849 4 April Paterson MM
  Advertising for a young man who would make himself useful in a country store
75666 Corner William - 1850 3 July Dungog MM
  Servant Henry Brown sentenced to 6mths imprisonment for embezzling 4 pound belonging to Corner
78869 Corner William - 1850 21 September Paterson MM
  Requesting that a meeting be convened to consider the transportation question
84867 Corner William - 1851 9 August Newcastle MM
  Requesting that Edward Flood nominate for representation in the Legislative council
89687 Corner William - 1852 24 April New England MM
  Unclaimed letter in the Post Office, Sydney
89792 Corner William - 1852 5 May Paterson MM
  Advertising for a young man who was willing to make himself useful in a country Store and to drive a horse and cart
92071 Corner William - 1863 Paterson Australian Almanac
  Member of district council
94975 Corner William - 1852 2 October Newcastle MM
  Signed address to Edward Flood, representative of the NE Boroughs in the Legislative Council, showing support as he had sustained serious losses in the recent disastrous floods on the Murrumbidgee
95446 Corner William - 1852 16 October Paterson MM
  Advertising to employ a young man willing to make himself useful in a country store and to drive a horse and cart about Paterson occasionally
105843 Corner William - 1854 13 December Newcastle MM
  Signed address to the Postmaster General, Sydney thanking him for allowing Campbell Pegus to resign from his position as Postmaster in Newcastle
108798 Corner William - 1854 28 October Paterson MM
  Daughter Ann Margaret died aged 4 years on 19th October
114319 Corner William - 1854 14 October Paterson MM
  Death of Hugh, second son of W. Corner on 9th October. Aged two years
135330 Corner William - 1854 4 February Newcastle MM
  Signed address to Dr. Bowker on the occasion of Bowker's return to England
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