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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
141095 Connelly (Connolly) James - 1843 12 April Newcastle SMH
  Died about 8th November 1831 in Sydney. Late a free settler. Intestate estate
71188 Connelly (Connolly) James Providence 1811 1819 Oct - Dec Newcastle Convict Settlement
  Overseer, stone masons
17552 Connolly James - 1833 12 January Maitland SG
  Deceased estate in care of Registrar of Court
32673 Connolly James - 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
  Sarah Cahill aged 7 residing with Connolly
42659 Connolly James - 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
  Employed ticket of leave holder John Smith per 'Recovery'
48279 Connolly James - 1840 9 February East Maitland BR
  Died aged 18mths. Son of a blacksmith. Buried in Glebe Cemetery
68224 Connolly James - 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
  Rose Quin employed as housekeeper
78383 Connolly James - 1826 23 August Newcastle Australian
  Acquitted on a charge of assault
120225 Connolly James - 1841 9 April Watt Street Newcastle Allotment 10 GG
  Claim for Deed of Grant. 36 perches. The title to this land commences with the permissive occupancies granted when Newcastle was a penal settlement. In June 1815 it was registered for Bridgeet Moore, who sold to Samuel Levy who sold to James Connolly. The Sheriff sold to Hillier from whom it passed to Phelps and Kemp and so to James Reid (claimant)
93616 Connolly James James Pattison 1830 1834 2 April Williams River GG 1834
  Labourer aged 24 from County Meath. Ruddy much freckled compl., light brown hair, hazel eyes; absconded from George Mossman 17 February
36844 Connolly James Providence 1811 1814 23 November Newcastle CSI
  On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per 'Estramina'
36845 Connolly James Providence 1811 1816 Newcastle CSI
  Runaway to be returned to Newcastle
36846 Connolly James Providence 1811 1817 January Newcastle CSI
  On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle
36847 Connolly James Providence 1811 1823 10 January Newcastle CSI
  Principal overseer of Macquarie Pier construction Newcastle
36848 Connolly James Providence 1811 1824 Hunter River CSI
  Land at Hunter River
43541 Connolly James Providence 1811 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
  Settler aged 45. Came Free
174055 Connolly James Providence 1811 17 November 1823 Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Papers. F. Goulburn to James Connolly. Memorials to the Governor 1810 - 1825
  The Survey of Newcastle being complete there exists no objections to your obtaining on lease the allotment No. 10 George Street Newcastle which you solicit. There is a prior applicant for No. 10 allotment though it is at present reserved to the Crown, being partly occupied by a Gaol building viz. the penitentiary or barrack
174056 Connolly James Providence 1811 10 January 1823 Newcastle Memorials to the Governor 1810 - 1825.
  The Memorial of James Connolly, an emancipated overseer in the service of government at Newcastle. Had been entrusted as Principal Overseer of the men employed in the construction of the Macquarie Pier for the previous four years.
4618 Connolly (Connelly) James James Pattison 1830 1842 26 March Raymond Terrace HRG
  Assigned to George Mossman 1830. Obtained T of L for Raymond Terrace 1842