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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
114263 Button Alfred Charles - 1881 18 January - MM
  Son of Captain Button of H.M. 46th regiment who was well known in the early days of the colony. Alfred Charles Button worked in the G.P.O for 17 years. Died after an illness of six weeks duration. Left wife but no family
124611 Button C - 1860 7 May Maitland SMH
  Won a prize at the Hunter River Agricultural and Horticultural Association Exhibition. The best bull under two years. Colonial bred Devons
16633 Button Captain - 1845 26 April - MM
  Assigned servant of Button's sentenced to 14 days solitary on bread and water for insolence and neglect of work
67796 Button Captain - 1838 7 November Merton GG
  John Ailing per 'Moffatt' apprehended after absconding
88492 Button Captain - 1852 25 February Maitland MM
  On committee to make arrangements for a testimonial to E.C. Close
97016 Button Captain - 1853 22 January Hexham MM
  Joseph Hall discharged from custody after being charged with stealing bullocks belonging to Button
131991 Button Captain - 1837 15 November Cassilis GG
  Assigned servant George Baker per 'Neva' absconded from service
59225 Button Captain Charles - 1841 30 August - Muswellbrook Bench Books
  Assigned servant John Clifford per 'Captain Cook' bushranger who robbed JohnMcDougall and Joseph Middleton
114268 Button Captain Charles - 1846 8 July Hexham MM
  Correspondence from James Thomson (Collector of Quit Rents) re quit rent levys
174730 Button Captain Charles E. - 10 March 1917 Tarro The Maitland Weekly Mercury
  A Trip to Tarro by William Freame in 1917...About a quarter of a mile away I found the little cemetery wherein the village forefathers sleep, and here I read the simple epitaphs of many worthy pioneers..Captain Charles E. Button, late H.M. 46th regt. died 1854
114260 Button Captain Charles Fitzachary - 1854 9 September Hexham MM
  Died at his residence at Hexham on 8th September aged 60 years. Late Captain of HM 46th regiment
96838 Button Captain Charles Fitzacry - 1853 8 January Hexham MM
  Joseph Hall charged with illegally using two bullocks belonging to Button. Case dismissed
9551 Button Charles - 1843 4 November Liverpool Plains MM
  Obtained license to depasture stock at Liverpool Plains
13192 Button Charles - 1844 26 October Liverpool Plains MM
  Obtained licence to depasture stock beyond the limits of location
19216 Button Charles - 1845 29 November Cassilis GRC
  George White assigned servant
20282 Button Charles - 1846 10 January Singleton MM
  Unclaimed letter held in the Sydney Post Office
90450 Button Charles - 1852 2 June Collected at Hexham MM
  Subscribed to Testimonial for E.C. Close
102692 Button Charles - 1853 13 July Burren MM
  Wife gave birth to a daughter on 23rd June
104551 Button Charles - 1837 22 April Cassilis SG
  Assigned 1 convict shoemaker's boy and 1 convict carpenter between February and April
114262 Button Charles - 1839 14 May - SG
  Title Deeds. 1130 acres. Co. Bligh
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